Relocating? Valuable Questions to Ask a Trusted Real Estate Company

Relocating can be energizing and fun, yet with all the details involved—it can be stressful. It’s not easy to relocate. Letting go of familiar surroundings can be unsettling even in the best of circumstances. Moving to a new state brings the opportunity to relocate everything from a new home to a new grocery store, school, favorite restaurant, and even new friends.

Relocation Solutions

Transitions can feel chaotic and result in undue stress—they may even overwhelm us at times. Hiring a real estate company’s relocation expert can take the sting out of many details involved in the transition and bring better solutions at a faster pace than if you try to relocate on your own. 

Streamline the Process

If you’ve never used a relocation service, it’s important to understand that the services they offer may vary. It’s vital to find the right relocation service for your family in order to streamline the relocation process. By landing the best relocation service for your needs, you may even find yourself enjoying the journey and adventure relocating brings.

Here are some questions to ask a real estate company when moving out of your area:

Ask About the Company’s History

  1. What type of unique services do you provide?
    • Tip: Your needs are unique, so look for the personalized service you deserve.
  2. What are your typical relocation fees, and what do they include?
    • Tip: At McGraw we do not charge a fee for our relocation services.
  3. Who do I go to when question arise?
    • Tip: There are countless details that go into relocating, and questions are sure to arise. Find out who your point of contact is, the best way to contact them, and how accessible they are. If the best way to contact them is by phone call, text, or email, test the system by asking a question early on and noticing the response time.

Ask About Services

  1. What services do you offer to help simplify the relocation process?
    • Tip: Hiring a relocation service can truly ease the stress of your big move. Find out the comprehensive specifics on what the relocation company offers.

Ask About the Relocation Proces

  1. Can you match me with an agent who can help with my specific needs?
    • Tip: Let the relocation expert get to know you. Express to them your unique needs — including your new home’s ideal location, how many children you have, your marital status, school requirements for your kids, hobbies, and job.
  2. Can you help me find temporary housing if needed during the transition? Is there a list of short-term rental options or extended-stay hotels in the area?
    • Tip: A host of factors go into the moving process, and temporary housing is sometimes necessary when relocating.
  3. Do you help homebuyers through the whole process from searching for a home to closing?
    • Tip: When relocating, it’s wise to find a company that can assist you throughout the relocation process until closing.
  4. How does the real estate closing process work in the area to which I’m moving?
    • Tip: Closing processes can vary from state to state, so avoid surprises by asking upfront.
  5. What is the best way to keep track of my gut sense about each home we tour?
    • Tip: Compile the addresses, photos, and details of the homes you tour, along with any impressions you had after walking through each home. Differentiate by creating a number system and rate the items that are your top priorities such as location, style, overall feel to the property, etc. 
  6. What are your top furniture moving tips?

Real Estate Information for Home Buyers

  1. Are you a member of the esteemed Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™?
    • Tip: LeadingRE Relocation Services provide you with the benefits of reputable experts. Worldwide independently-owned LeadingRE companies have access to professional REALTORS® within a network of over 550 firms nationwide, with over 4,000 offices and 130,000 experienced agents servicing 65 countries. It’s difficult to beat the vast help at your fingertips with a LeadingRE Relocation Service.
  2. Can you perform a home search worldwide?
    • Tip: Before you hire a relocation service, verify they are connected with the nation’s largest independent service.
  3. Do you offer corporate relocation services?
    • Tip: When you have a job that requires relocating, individually tailored relocation assistance will assure a smooth transition out of the area.

Easing the Transition of Moving to a New Area

  • Can you provide local maps, descriptions of attractions, and information on special events in the area to which I’m moving?
  • Where can I find information on school systems, crime rates, and local shopping?
  • Where can I find a list of good restaurants in the area?

Easing the Transition After the Home Purchase

  • Do you have contact information for the utility companies and internet service company in the area to which I’m moving?

Avoid the Frustrations of Relocating

  • Avoid paying too much for your new home
  • Sidestep buying a home that’s not right for you
  • Prevent a negative relocation experience

Ease the Process of Relocating – Hire a Relocation Expert

  • We sell your home and do the work for you—from searching for a new home to closing.
  • We listen to your preferences regarding a new home, agent, and city.
  • You stay focused on your family, your work, and the moving process.

At McGraw REALTORS® we understand how stressful it can be to relocate. As Northeastern Oklahoma’s largest realty company, we provide positive relocation services from start to finish. See our Relocation Services and schedule a free consultation today.

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