Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore Sales Associate

  • 1120 Garrison Ave, Suite 1C
    Fort Smith, AR 72901

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Michelle Moore is a Licensed Sales Associate and member of the McGraw REALTORS® Fort Smith. Michelle was born and raised in Pocola Oklahoma. Michelle is an educated and dedicated professional who has attended Arthur’s Beauty College. Before joining McGraw, Michelle worked in the cosmetology industry for sixteen years where she gained experience on how to work best with clients. 

Michelle obtained her Real Estate license in 2023 and was excited to join the McGraw team because she met with Ro Mar after completing the online Realtors course and she was very informative and nice. Michelle felt like joining Mcgraw was like joining a family. From the moment she talked to Tiffany and Susie she was warmly welcomed and felt a strong sense of community. Everyone was friendly, supportive, and eager to help one another succeed. Michelle felt that the company’s values aligned with her own, and she appreciated the focus on providing top notch support and training for their agents. She found that the team at McGraw Realtors was always available to answer her questions and provide guidance, and felt that she could rely on them as she navigated her Real Estate career.

Outside of Real Estate Michelle is deeply committed to her faith and attends Van Buren First Assembly. Her faith is a cornerstone of her life and provides her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Michelle also enjoys taking on DIY projects and has a particular passion for decorating and restoring furniture. She loves the satisfaction of transforming something old and worn to something beautiful and new. Additionally she is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time on the green with her family and friends. Michelle is also involved in outreach efforts, and enjoys volunteering her time and resources to various community causes. Overall, Michelle has a full and active life outside of Real Estate, and is passionate about the activities that bring her joy and fulfillment.

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