Keeping Your Furniture Safe When Moving

One of the most challenging things about relocating is how to move furniture from Point A to Point B without damaging it in the slightest. Couches, tables, and beds are bulky, and it takes some preparation on your part and luck to make sure they get to their destination with nary a scratch. Here are some tips to keep your all your furniture safe when moving to another place.


6 Home Upgrades That Will Cost You More Than You Want to Lose on Your Sale

When the season to sell your home approaches, it’s time to think strategically about what types of home upgrades you want to make in order to maximize your resale value and minimize the investment of time and money needed to upgrade. Preparation for your home’s sale starts months before putting it on the market, so begin by carefully evaluating the resources you have available to prepare. 


First-Time Homeowner’s Guide to Tax Reward

Homeownership offers rewards: the opportunity to build equity, create the home environment you desire, build a strong credit history, and enjoy tax rewards! First-time homeownership brings people a sense of pride, enabling them to do everything from enjoying their beloved pets to painting their walls their favorite colors. We may not think of it daily, but come tax time, we’re quickly reminded that Uncle Sam encourages Americans to own homes and makes homeownership financially rewarding.


Lights On! In Tulsa

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

Now that we have made it past Thanksgiving and the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is no denying that Christmas really is right around the corner. Christmas decorations are flying off the shelves and onto freshly cut trees from one of the area tree farms. Hot chocolate is as easy to find as a glass of cold water, and Christmas music is filling the airways on almost every station. 


Homebuyers Beware: Uncover Hidden Problems Before Buying a Home

When searching for a bigger home, or looking to downsize, it takes diligence to find the right one. Most homebuyers research online and find homes within their price range that possess their prioritized “must-have” features.

Next, it’s time to tour homes and narrow the prospects in order to land your dream home. Fortunately, most sellers are upfront and honest about the details of their home, but occasionally sellers glaze over hidden flaws that could cost a buyer in the long run.  


Is Midtown Living Right for You?

Midtown is a largely residential district in the heart of a city. Tulsa’s Midtown runs north to south, 11th Street to 51st Street, and west to east from Riverside Drive to Yale.  The homes were built from the early 1900s to the 1950s, with styles ranging from Craftsman Bungalow, Ranch-Style to Greek Revival and Contemporary. “When these homes were being built, there was no ‘Midtown’, there was only Tulsa,” says Gordon Shelton.