Upgrades to Help You Sell Your Home Fast for the Best Price

Every homeowner faces this question at some point: It is worth making improvements before selling, or is it better to just sell as-is? The answer depends on what upgrades you’re considering, and a host of other issues too—such as what’s happening in your neighborhood, and how fast you want to sell.

At McGraw REALTORS, our team provides experienced advice on this question because when you do it right, you’ll earn a strong return on your investment (ROI). Here are the top upgrades to help you sell your home quickly and for the best price.

Strike a Balance Between Upgrades and Repairs

Preparing a house to sell requires balancing two needs—maximizing profits and ensuring it appeals to buyers. The goal is to do only what needs to be done so that the property will quickly and easily sell at your preferred price. 

So, as you choose what to do before putting it on the market, keep these general rules in mind:

  • To boost asking price, look for the ROI — Some home improvement projects produce a higher return on the investment you’re making. Choose the ones that are likeliest to earn you a higher sales price. (We’ve listed them below.)
  • Maintenance may not add value, but it helps a home sell — Repairing or replacing essential items, such as a broken furnace, won’t make your home stand out as exceptional. But it’s necessary if you don’t want to be lowballed.
  • Seek trusted guidance — To help you pinpoint exactly what your home needs, consult with an experienced REALTOR in your area to learn what buyers are most drawn to. And check out resources like the annual Cost vs. Value Report to help you make an informed decision.

Top Home Improvements to Improve Resale Value

Garage Door Replacement 

Averages 93-94% ROI

Curb appeal and comfort are both key to drawing in potential homebuyers. An attractive, freshly painted, motorized garage door provides both. Equip it with a modern garage door opener that is simple to program.

Manufactured Stone Veneer 

Averages 92% ROI

Another great way to make your home look gorgeous from the curb is to upgrade its exterior design. This is especially smart if you currently have vinyl siding, which doesn’t age well. Replace it with elegant, eye-catching stone veneer—which makes a home look luxurious without the high cost of genuine stone.

Fiber Cement Siding 

Averages 69% ROI

You may have heard friends and neighbors talking about James Hardie® siding. It’s the number one choice for homeowners across the country, because its fiber cement makeup holds up beautifully over the decades. It also protects against insects, weather and other damaging elements. These are major benefits that home buyers appreciate.

Kitchen Upgrades 

Averages 72% ROI

So much time is spent in a home’s kitchen—meaning it can make or break whether people are willing to offer solid bids on your property. The best way to earn top ROI is to ensure the kitchen looks attractive and functions well, without overdoing the upgrades. Think light colors, fresh paint, modern backsplash, refaced cabinets, new countertops, new flooring, and modern hardware.

Vinyl Siding 

Averages 68% ROI

There’s no denying that worn out, old siding is a major turnoff to most homebuyers. So, if you’re dealing with rotted wood panels, or some other form of aging siding, replacing it with new vinyl boards can be a cost-effective approach. Vinyl is more budget-friendly than fiber cement or stone veneer, yet it still gives your exterior a facelift.

Vinyl Windows 

Averages 68-69% ROI

If your home has old, broken, or dull-looking windows, potential buyers may decide to pass. After all, replacing windows is a significant improvement project that may be too much for a new homeowner to take on. Ease this burden and make your property more appealing by opting for affordable, lovely, practical new vinyl windows.

Update Bathrooms 

Averages 64% ROI

Consider giving a minor facelift to your bathrooms—especially if they are looking super dated or drab. While a major renovation is unlikely to pay off, small visual upgrades can be beneficial, such as hanging a new, stylish mirror and installing new hardware. Fresh paint that brightens the room is a plus too.

Add New Landscaping 

Averages up to 100% ROI, depending on what you choose to add

A neat, well-kept lawn, trimmed trees and bushes, and bright flowerbeds create strong curb appeal that makes a home for sale stand out. And well-maintained outdoor spaces tell homebuyers that you have cared for your property—an important benefit they won’t overlook. The key is to plant items that are easy for the new owners to maintain, such as small tulip trees or dogwoods, seasonal flowering shrubs like azaleas and hydrangeas, and hearty grasses.

Apply Fresh Paint 

Averages 1-3% ROI — but it immediately appeals to homebuyers

While new paint inside and outside won’t dramatically boost your asking price, it does create a gentle bump up in the offers you receive—because it helps purchasers see your property in its best light. Choose colors that blend well with your neighborhood, accentuate your architecture’s key features, and make interior rooms look bright and spacious. Don’t forget a pop of contrasting color on your front door, which helps pull the overall look together.

Expert Guidance to Sell Your Home Fast and Easy   

When you’re ready to sell your home, don’t go it alone. Working with a REALTOR helps ensure you get the best price, smooth negotiations, and top-notch service that frees up your time so you can concentrate on what matters most.
At McGraw REALTORS, our team consists of highly experienced, savvy agents who make it simple to sell your property. Discover the McGraw REALTORS in your area, and let us know how we can assist you in finding the right buyer for your home.

The Ultimate Guide to Relocating with a Family

These days, it’s easier than ever to work from anywhere—and that means it’s also easier than ever to live in the location of your dreams. Whether you want a laid-back lifestyle, family-friendly neighborhood, or an affordable cost of living, relocating to Oklahoma or Arkansas is a smart choice. People are coming to this area in droves, for good reason.

Of course, as you prepare to move, there are so many things to take care of. Relocation can be stressful, even overwhelming—but keep in mind that there are several steps you can take to make the process smoother for everyone. 

With that in mind, we’re offering you our insider’s guide to relocating your family to our lovely, vibrant region.

10 Steps to Take When Moving Your Family

To make it simpler to relocate, make sure you do these things.

1. Work with a Skilled REALTOR®

A great REALTOR knows the real estate market you’re moving to inside and out, which makes them an expert on many of the concerns you’ll have when relocating. They’ll learn your preferences and show you the best properties that fit your ideal location, features, size, and price. And they handle negotiations and other details so you have plenty of time to concentrate on other vital areas—from job hunting and school enrollment to packing and coordinating the move.

2. Discuss the Relocation with Family Members

Moving goes more smoothly when every member is involved in the conversation as early as possible. Talk through what’s happening, and give everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts. Seek input on the decision-making. Involve children as well by finding out any concerns they have so that you can address them.

3. Pare Down Your Possessions

The best way to make packing less stressful is to first get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in years. Don’t take it with you if you won’t use it in the future. Have a garage sale and donate anything you don’t sell. Schedule a pickup for that couch you plan to replace, rather than hauling it to your new home. Remember, unless an item has sentimental value, you can easily get a new one after the move if you decide you need it after all.

4. Pack Early

While packing boxes isn’t usually anyone’s favorite activity, it must be done. And it’s better to do it over a period of time. You’ll reduce your stress by starting the process weeks ahead of the move. Start with the largest rooms. Find everything you don’t have to use before moving day, and put these items in labeled boxes. Also, if some items can be moved or placed in storage before the actual moving day, do so.

5. Organize Every Room

As you pack items into boxes, write down a list of every item inside it on a piece of paper and place it inside for later reference. Also, label the outside of the box with the room it is for, and number it. Marking and detailing every box saves time and headaches when it comes time to unpack. Upon opening the box, a packing list will be available in case you need to quickly find something important.

6. Work Well with Your Movers

Choose a moving company that comes highly recommended in terms of service and reliability. Make sure everything is appropriately packed before they arrive, or arrange ahead of time to have their help with packing so there are no unexpected costs or delays. Check-in with them as moving day approaches to verify the reservation. Provide them a list of rooms and a map of the new house so they can place the appropriately marked boxes in the correct rooms. 

7. Recruit Helpers

Even if you can afford to pay movers, you’ll still need help packing and unpacking, cleaning, and other tasks. Inviting friends and family to help ahead of time will make the relocation process easier and less stressful. And consider having someone watch any small children during the actual move-in date, so they’ll be safely occupied elsewhere while heavy items are being transported.

8. Change Address Information

As soon as you know your new address and the date you’ll make it official, start contacting anyone who needs to make the address change. It’s best to directly contact utility companies, internet and cable services, the post office, important organizations, credit card companies, and banks. You’ll also want to inform doctors, magazines, and other subscriptions, Amazon, and other online services. 

9. Give Your Old Property a Final Check Before Leaving

Once everything is moved out completely, do a final review of things like water, gas, and electricity to be sure they are shut off. Check every room, including the garage, attic, and shed for any overlooked items.

10. Take Time to Settle into Your New Home

Know that relocating is a process, not an event. You’ll need time after the move to get used to your surroundings. Unpack the most important items, but don’t try to do too much at once, or you’ll risk injuring yourself. Find out if your new town or city has a visitors’ center or welcome website so you can gather some handy information about your new home.

Moving Is a Breeze with the Right Team on Your Side   

Relocating to a new home is a lot easier when you have an expert guide on your side. Our McGraw REALTORS are specialists in helping families relocate, whether it’s to a new neighborhood, across the city, or in a different state. We’ll listen to your preferences, craft a plan, and handle all the negotiations so you can focus on packing and coordinating your move.

Check out our relocation services and discover for yourself how simple moving can be when you work with our team. 

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