Benefits of Becoming a Realtor: A Flexible, Creative, Purposeful Career You’ll Love

Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you there’s a special feeling that comes from helping others realize their dreams. It’s also no secret that being in the real estate business affords unlimited opportunities for creativity, with a sense of flexibility that attracts new people to the industry every year. 

Read on for some of the most important reasons you’ll love making a career change to real estate


How to Get Competitive Offers When Buying or Selling a Home

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a veteran homeowner selling your current house, coming up with or recognizing a competitive property offer is key to maximizing your return on investment. Smart property investors (and this includes the average homeowner!) can learn to price their house to appeal to top buyers, and to offer attractive bids that win over sellers. And employing an experienced, reliable Realtor to help you sort these details out will make all the difference.


Is It Better to Sell My Home or Rent It Out?

When you move from one house to another, it can be a wonderful time. Everything is fresh and exciting, but it can also pose a dilemma that requires some thought. Should you sell your existing house, or rent it out?

While many homeowners opt to sell their former house, you may find that after you look into all your options, it will be possible to buy your new house and keep the old one at the same time. And that can be a way to bring in extra income—as long as the situation is managed properly.


Home Buying Timeline: What to Expect and How to Plan

Getting ready to look for a new house? 

The home buying process is an exciting experience, but it also takes time to find your dream property and move in. Whether you’re selling an existing home, ending a rental lease, juggling loan payments, or coordinating a relocation, the details can get complicated.

But the process gets easier when you know and properly plan for how long each step is likely to take. 


5 Reasons Right Now Is a Great Time to Build a Custom Home

Are you thinking about building your dream home? A custom-built house promises opportunities to craft the design, layout, and features you long for most in the neighborhood you love best.

There are several advantages to constructing your ideal house from scratch. Here’s a look at the many reasons it’s worth investing in a custom home—as well as how it benefits you to involve a REALTOR® when you build from the ground up.


10 Reasons to Start a Career in Real Estate

Are you looking to do something different in your professional life? Do you have an affinity for architecture and home design? A career in real estate might be exactly what you need. 

Working as a real estate agent is a flexible career where your income mirrors your efforts. If you are a goal-oriented, self-motivated, people-focused individual, realty could be a great fit. 

Read on to learn more about becoming a REALTOR® and all its rich rewards.


Upgrades to Help You Sell Your Home Fast for the Best Price

Every homeowner faces this question at some point: It is worth making improvements before selling, or is it better to just sell as-is? The answer depends on what upgrades you’re considering, and a host of other issues too—such as what’s happening in your neighborhood, and how fast you want to sell.

At McGraw REALTORS, our team provides experienced advice on this question because when you do it right, you’ll earn a strong return on your investment (ROI). Here are the top upgrades to help you sell your home quickly and for the best price.