6 Tips to Buying a Lakefront Property

See yourself in your new lakefront home. Imagine looking out your tall windows at the multicolored sunset on the lake as your spouse grills the fish they caught earlier in the day. You gather the glasses of iced tea from your open kitchen and arrange them on the deck that overlooks your private, peaceful lakeshore. A breeze picks up just enough to bring the rhythmic slosh of your private boat dock as it rocks gently beneath the water’s edge. You can hardly wait until nightfall when you sing the young ones to sleep outside in a cozy wooden rocker.


8 Reasons to Invest in a Bigger Tulsa Home

Are you feeling cramped in your current home, needing more bedrooms for your growing family, wanting to entertain without feeling crowded into small spaces? Perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing a larger home and investing in the long-term satisfaction of knowing you made the best choice for you and your family.


Downtown Tulsa Living – Is It Right for You?

Living The NEW, Old Fashioned Way

The idea of living downtown may seem cutting-edge to Tulsa, but not to major and coastal cities across the US. It’s no secret that the trend towards living in a walkable community has been on the upswing for over two decades now and is only getting more popular. With the revitalization going on in major downtown municipalities, bringing in new dining, entertainment and recreation venues, the increase in the downtown population is growing. So is the idea of giving obsolete offices and vacant buildings a new lease-on-life as well as turning unused spaces into urban dwellings.


Tulsa’s Biggest Little Secret – And How Your Family Can Benefit

Walk- and bike-friendly communities have become more than just a popular idea. They are now the norm in cities around the globe. Walkability has transformed neighborhoods into sustainable places where residents enjoy health and fitness as a way of life, not just a utility. It fosters a sense of community by providing useful, convenient and safe places to visit—all in an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Buy Your First Tulsa Home in 10 Easy Steps

Buying a home for the first time can be exciting, overwhelming, and rewarding. Your home is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make, and for first-time homebuyers, financial preparation is an essential key to your success. It’s prudent to pay off debts as well as save for your down payment when planning to buy your first home. If you have rented until this point, find a class on buying a home and learn about the process from the professionals.