5 Reasons Right Now Is a Great Time to Build a Custom Home

Are you thinking about building your dream home? A custom-built house promises opportunities to craft the design, layout, and features you long for most in the neighborhood you love best.

There are several advantages to constructing your ideal house from scratch. Here’s a look at the many reasons it’s worth investing in a custom home—as well as how it benefits you to involve a REALTOR® when you build from the ground up.

Now Is a Great Time to Create a New Home

You may be wondering, “Is now a good time to build?” The simple answer is, yes! Here’s why:

The Demand for Custom Housing Won’t Vanish

The surge in demand for houses isn’t going to go away. These days, people are deeply invested in choosing where and how they want their home lifestyle to be. And with the explosion of opportunities to work remotely, custom features such as elaborate home offices are more important than ever. 

Prices Aren’t Likely to Go Down

It’s true that the cost of new construction is going up. And so is remodeling. And so are the asking prices of existing houses for sale. Rising costs are simply a fact of life. If you want a custom home and are ready to make the investment, your builder, lender, designer, and REALTOR can all collaborate with you to get the most for what you put into your new build.

5 Pros of Building Instead of Buying an Existing Home

Is constructing a new home a good decision? Yes, it certainly can be! Here are some of the top advantages to having your house custom built for you.

1. Total Control over the Layout

When you buy an existing home, you’re committing to its existing layout. And that means making compromises you’d prefer not to make, especially if none of the houses in your price range fit your needs.

Building a new home solves this issue, because you can get the layout you desire—from where your bedrooms are located, to how large the bathrooms are, and more.

2. Customizations to Your Taste

Building a custom-designed home gives you the perfect chance to install the features you’ve always longed for. And you can do this before you move in.

It’s a lot harder to make those customizations through remodeling an existing home. Either the home you buy isn’t move-in ready, delaying your use of it, or you have to remodel after you move in, which means living with the mess. 

A new build eliminates all that hassle.

3. No Bidding Wars

In the current seller’s market, bidding wars are frustrating many homebuyers. But even in a buyer’s market, there are no guarantees you’re going to get your ideal home. Bids fall through for all sorts of reasons, and that’s disappointing for buyers.

When the land is yours and you’re doing a new build, nobody can compete for the home you decide to put on it. The deal is done, and you’re guaranteed to get your dream house.

4. Less Maintenance

Older houses come with aging appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems that need upgrades sooner rather than later. And even newer homes can be mistreated by their current owners, leaving you as a buyer with unexpected issues to address. 

A brand-new build means everything about the property is new. You can invest in the latest technologies, materials and products—many of which are extremely durable as well as beautiful and simple to care for, making your life a lot easier in the process.

5. Better Energy Efficiency

Depending on the age of a house, there can be many outdated features that lessen its efficiency and lead to higher energy bills. New homes are built to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

From today’s ENERGY STAR® rated products to low carbon-footprint building materials that last for decades without ending up in landfills, a custom-built house can save you on energy, be more comfortable, and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

Why Use a REALTOR to Help with Your Custom-Built Home

Constructing a new home involves many important decisions. A knowledgeable REALTOR can help you navigate these waters with ease.

Proper Representation

Since buying land is one the largest transactions you’ll ever make, it’s important to have proper guidance to make the best deal. A REALTOR works on your behalf with sellers and their agent.

Market Knowledge

REALTORS help you compare properties to find the right fit. They also conduct daily research, so they can advise you on which appealing neighborhoods and properties provide the best value.

Negotiation Experience

Since real estate agents have fiduciary responsibility, they use their experience to ask all the right questions, catching anything that doesn’t serve you. Real estate transactions are complex, and REALTORS with expertise yield the best results.

New Construction Expertise

An expert REALTOR knows about the latest home developments. They’ll help you select the right lot, manage the various building contracts involved, and advise you on amenities that match your family’s desires.

Aftermarket Assistance

REALTORS know the latest trends and selling points for homes. They provide expertise on what design selections and construction upgrades could be the most cost-effective when it comes time to sell your home.

Meeting Support

In consultations during the building process, it’s good to have a REALTOR who knows what to bring up at just the right time. This also applies when it’s time for inspections and walk-throughs.

Find the Right Property for the Best Price   

When you’re ready to invest in a custom-built home, our McGraw REALTORS team will help you get the perfect deal. We have an extensive network of experts, inside tracks on new listings, and more—all to help you love your new home. Check out the McGraw REALTORS team in your area today.

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