Little Known Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Construction Home

Getting the home of your dreams by building it from the ground up can be an appealing idea. With many new communities popping up in the Oklahoma and Arkansas areas, new construction homes are more popular than ever.

But investing in new construction still involves all the complexities of buying an existing house—which means it’s smart to turn to a trusted real estate team to negotiate on your behalf. Here’s what you need to know before leaping into the new construction process.

What Makes Buying a New Construction Home Unique? 

There are a few key differences between purchasing from a builder rather than investing in an existing house.

You’ll enjoy several benefits: No one will have lived in the house before you. There won’t be a need to replace old, outdated fixtures. Everything will automatically satisfy the latest building codes.

But it can be a complicated process too. You’ll have to vet the builder to be sure they’re reliable. There will be lots of personalization details to sift through, and it can be hard to say no to costly options that don’t fit your budget. And new builds can experience unavoidable delays that affect your move-in date.

Working with a real estate agent with experience in new construction can help you maximize the benefits and minimize the complications, so you end up with a home you truly love—for the best price.

What Realtors Bring to the Table for New Construction Purchases

Here’s why you should have an agent working for you as you buy a brand-new home from a builder.

You’ll Get Good Advice on Pricing 

Depending on the sources you speak to, you may hear that building a home is less expensive—or more expensive—than buying an existing property. The fact is, it depends on where you’re moving, what you’re looking for, building and zoning regulations, and a host of other details.

These issues are complex to figure out on your own, which is why a REALTOR can be so advantageous. Real estate agents are knowledgeable about all these factors, and can give you a realistic assessment of what’s the best option for your personal situation.

You’ll Have Someone on Your Side

When you invest in constructing a new house, you’re usually buying a piece of property on your own or purchasing from a builder that is creating a new community. Either way, the agents of the property owner aren’t going to represent you, because they’re obligated to act on their employer’s best interests, not yours.

With a REALTOR on your side, you’re getting someone whose sole goal is to represent you. You’ll get a clear-eyed view of the deal you’re being offered, and guidance on how best to proceed to your advantage.

You’ll Enjoy Help Every Step of the Way

The process of buying from a builder is quite involved. The first step is finding the property and contracting with the builder—and an agent can help you find locations to check out, just as they do when you’re buying an existing house.

Your real estate agent can also help you find lenders who are familiar with setting up loans for new builds. They can help research previous developments by the builder to see how reliable the company is, as well as advise you on any issues the location may cause you.

A REALTOR can even help you find a temporary place to stay between the sale of your existing home and your move-in date—allowing you to concentrate on other things and saving you time and stress.

You’ll Receive Guidance on Creating Long-Term Resale Value

Home buyers get excited about a new build, understandably so. After all, there are many immediate advantages of constructing a brand-new house. You get a space that’s laid out as you want, without the need for repairs or upgrades. 

But the average homeowner stays in their new build around 13 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders. And a lot can change in the real estate market after a decade. 

Your real estate agent can walk you through the details that come with laying out a new construction, including how likely a certain material or color is to have longevity, as well as what features to include for resale value even if you won’t use them often—such as a bathtub or his-and-her sinks.

How to Find the Right REALTOR

It’s important to bring in a REALTOR as early in the purchasing process as you can. Starting off right makes your life a lot easier and eliminates many problems.

Still, not every real estate agent will have expertise in working with builders. So, as you look for the right person to work with, ask a few questions:

What experience do you have in new construction purchases?

With all the details involved in new build projects, it is smart to choose someone who understands what to do. So, find out if the agent has handled these transactions before, and how frequently.

What connections to local builders do you have?

A real estate agent’s network is one of the most valuable benefits they offer. So, don’t hesitate to ask how many contractors and construction teams they work with, and how often.

What value can you bring me?

This question not only reveals what a REALTOR knows and can do for you—it also gives you a sense of their personality and how well they communicate.

The Right Team Makes All the Difference

Getting the most out of your purchase of a new construction home can be simple when you’ve got the right people on your side. 

Our REALTORS have a wealth of experience in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and we leverage our vast network to help you find your dream property for the best price. We’ll make your new build buying a breeze.

Connect with a REALTOR in your area to get started.

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