Moving to the South or Midwest? Here’s What to Know Before You Relocate

These days, it’s easier than ever to work from anywhere. And that means many homeowners are thinking about moving away from the crowded, expensive cities of the East and West Coasts to settle into the relaxed lifestyle available in the center of the country. 

With innovative programs like Tulsa’s Remote Program, which offers $10,000 to people who are moving there from out of state, and gorgeous luxury communities like Hot Springs Village, places like Oklahoma and Arkansas offer more and more appealing reasons to homeowners seeking to relocate.

Benefits of Owning a Home in Oklahoma or Arkansas

Affordable Living

Are you tired of the pricey rents, insurance rates, and other aspects that make coastal living so high in costs? The middle of the country is definitely more affordable. You’ll see the savings on everything from lower grocery bills to more affordable utilities.

And this benefit carries over specifically to houses, which tend to be super affordable. The median home value in Oklahoma or Arkansas ranges around $195,000–225,000. If you sell a coastal home and decide on moving to this region, you’ll have a solid budget for your new home purchase.

Unique Cities

You may not hear their names pop up as much as New York City and Los Angeles, but cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and regions like Northwest Arkansas offer wonderful amenities that visitors fall in love with. 

Tulsa’s Gathering Place, for example, is an innovative and beautiful park that has won numerous awards and been named “Best City Park in the Country—2021” by USA Today. Oklahoma City, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs all have their appeal too. And they’re easy to get to and easy to navigate.

Charming Towns

Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the neighboring states feature all the advantages of small-town living. Places like Fayetteville, Edmond, Norman, Bixby, and Broken Arrow offer cozy parks, delightful mom-and-pop shops, laid-back antiquing, and lovely Main Street areas that you’ll enjoy visiting over and over.

Get tips for a stress-free moving, such as how to protect your furniture, and you’ll find yourself relaxing even sooner as you settle in your new home.

Less Crowded Roads

Want a less stressful, quicker commute? Tired of crowded highways that make you frustrated with the challenges of driving safely? Towns and cities in the Midwest, Plains, and Mid-South just aren’t as jam-packed with traffic as the East and West Coasts. 

Take Oklahoma City, for example. The average commute time is just over 20 minutes, making it the third fastest commute time of America’s top 52 largest cities. That’s half the time of an average commute in New York City.

Friendly People

Middle America values are on full display in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The region is well-known for its down-to-earth citizens who are happy to chat with you. They will also answer questions, and recommend places to shop and eat with a smile. 

The relaxed pace of living in this part of the country means people are a lot less stressed. Neighbors are community-oriented and have a habit of taking care of each other. This is a great relief when you’re new in town.

Awesome Lake Life

Sure, Oklahoma and Arkansas don’t offer ocean waves and beaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water. This area of the country actually has numerous lakes—and most of them aren’t crowded. It’s easy to drive to a nearby water spot and go boating, kayaking, or fishing.

And if living on the lake sounds appealing, places like Grand Lake in Oklahoma and Hot Springs in Arkansas offer wonderful, welcoming communities and beautiful homes where you can relax and take in the fresh air.

Cool Day Trips

Buy a new home in Arkansas or Oklahoma, and you’ll find yourself with lots of intriguing, entertaining places to explore. All of the adventure you could want is within driving distance of your house. 

Visit the lush 120-acre Crystal Bridges Museum to see an impressive collection of American art from the Colonial period to modern times. Saddle up to the National & Western Heritage Museum, which has over 28,000 Western and American Indian pieces of art and artifacts. And that’s just a small sample of what you can see in the region.

Gorgeous Scenery

Imagine a land that offers peaceful lakes, grassy plains, rolling hills, ranches filled with horses, cows and bison. The middle of the country has it all. There’s always a way to stop and smell the roses, without towering skyscrapers blocking your view of the big sky.

If you want to explore nature even more, drive through portions of the 3,700-acre wildlife ranch Woolaroc, which is home to over 30 different species of native and exotic wildlife. Or see for yourself Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, an amazing natural treasure.

Great Schools

If you’re concerned about finding the right school system for your family, don’t be. Middle American values extend to the classroom too. In many of the area’s towns, students enjoy smaller classes, superb marching bands, and sports. And there are private schools to choose from as well, so parents have many choices to find their young students the perfect fit.

Find the Right Midwest Area Home for Your Needs

When you’re planning a relocation to the Midwestern section of the country, getting expert guidance makes all the difference. Look for a real estate company that has a full range of resources. That way you can explore your home buying options with ease.

A great realtor will also help you pinpoint where you’ll do best looking—rural, lakeside, suburb, downtown, and more. And they’ll have a strong, reliable network of local leads, contractors, and others to make the process of moving into your new home as smooth and pleasant as possible. 
Our friendly, knowledgeable team of McGraw REALTORS know Oklahoma and Arkansas inside and out, and we always look out for you. Simply reach out to us to get started—and let us guide you to the home of your dreams.

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