9 Benefits You Get from a Top Edmond, OK Realtor

As an Edmond, Oklahoma homeowner, you know there is a whole lot more to selling a house than putting a sign in the yard and listing it. Finding an ideal buyer who closes on your home in good timing and at a price that fits your goals takes skill. It’s not easy to DIY, but it’s also important to find the right help. Here’s why choosing a high-performing realtor matters—especially now.

What Home Sellers Need to Know Right Now

These days, as we write this, it’s a seller’s market in the Edmond area. But that won’t always be the case—and things can swing in the opposite direction to benefit buyers at any moment. No matter what the local market may be like at a given time, a savvy real estate agent will use their knowledge, network, and negotiations skills to earn you the best price for your home. 

Keep in mind that you still have several advantages to leverage, even if you’re selling in a seller’s market:

  • The number of quality homes available at an affordable price in the mid-range market are at an all-time low. That means houses valued at under $250,000 sell fast right now, especially in the Edmond, OK area.
  • Because homes in Edmond are selling so quickly, it’s wise to have a contract on another home you want to buy before listing your property for sale. That way, you have a place to move when your house sells.
  • Be prepared to move out quickly. Pack up as much as you can before you list your property, and have some options for short-term leases in case you need a place to temporarily stay until your new home is move-in ready.

With these market insights in mind, being able to look to a knowledgeable and experienced realtor who knows the Edmond area will be key to selling your home the right way and getting the best outcome.

The Right Realtor Makes the Process Smooth

You want a realtor who goes the extra mile to help you locate the right buyer at the right time, and at the absolute best price. Whether it’s a seller’s market or a buyer’s market at the time you’re listing, an experienced, savvy realtor will make your sale so much easier and more profitable. 

Here is what you’ll get when you work with a top-notch realtor for your Edmond area home.

1. Ease with Locating the Right Buyer

Helping home sellers find ideal buyers is always at the top of a superb real estate agent’s goals. Great realtors have their ear to the ground, constantly networking to locate the right kind of buyers. They also have the inside scoop on where to find high-end purchasers if you’re selling a luxury home.

2. A Fast Sale

Homeowners typically want to sell their homes quickly. A great realtor knows the ins and outs of negotiating a house sale quickly, and just as importantly, without regrets. A realtor on their A-game makes the process look easy and painless.

3. A Great Selling Price

Sellers want to know that they’re walking away with as much profit as possible. Therefore they rely on having an agent who knows what it takes to make that happen. A top-notch realtor will effectively use their negotiation skills and deep understanding of the local market (in this case, the Edmond area) to broker the best deal on your behalf.

4. Honesty

Sellers deserve to partner with a realtor that provides a truthful, realistic assessment of their home. Allowing everyone involved to make the best decisions possible. A great real estate agent will help you decide when to renovate and share other honest tips that will improve your ability to sell successfully.

5. Expert Staging Direction

The way a house is staged, inside and out, can seriously affect your chances of landing the right buyer at the best price. Look for a realtor who isn’t afraid to make some suggestions or even redesign the home’s interior look in order to provide maximum appeal. They may also partner with a professional designer who can stage your home to showcase it in the best light to appeal to prospective buyers.

6. High-End Marketing Production

Edmond home sellers want a realtor who thinks like a professional marketer. It may be a seller’s market at this time, but you’ll still get solid offers if you display your home with attractive, appealing promotional techniques. Your realtor should be able to leverage social media, YouTube videos, professional photos, ads, and other marketing tools to make your home stand out.

7. Paperwork, Inspection, and Settlement Expertise

A home sale is a major life event, and it can be distracting and time-consuming. Great realtors make the process as smooth as possible. Look for a reliable, competent realtor who takes the lead with paperwork, preparing for inspections, and communicating with buyers so you can concentrate on the details of packing and moving into your future home. 

8. Excellent Negotiating and Representation

​An experienced realtor will communicate your needs to buyers accurately and diplomatically. Choose someone you’re comfortable having represented you as they broker deals on your behalf—someone who knows when to accept, counter, and reject offers, as well as how to navigate tricky bidding wars so you get the best price on your home.

 9. Consistent Results

Beyond the normal skills, top-performing realtors have the consistent ability to find the right buyer for a home. They’ll think outside the box, have great reviews from pleased clients, and be able to show a track record of successful sales for homes like yours.

Make Your Home Sale a Breeze

There’s no need to be stressed and hassled by the prospect of selling your house. Make the process simple and streamlined by turning to McGraw REALTORS to negotiate your Edmond home sale to great buyers at a top price. Our experts know Edmond real estate inside and out, and our expansive network and deep local expertise ensure you get the results you want. Discover how we make selling your home a delight.

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