9 Keys to Selling Your House in Hot Springs Village

Are you planning to put your beautiful Hot Springs Village home on the market? Do you have Arkansas real estate you want to sell, and are concerned about getting the best price?

Carefully planning your home sale before listing your property is a smart move—because it makes the sales process simpler and more satisfying rather than stressful. Here’s how to make it happen.

9 Ways to Help Your Home Sell Successfully

Drawing the attention of serious home buyers is a skill you can replicate. Our handy Seller’s Guide is filled with great advice for getting the best results from your Arkansas home sale. And these 9 tips will help you sell your Arkansas home for a good price.

1. Time Your Home Sale Carefully

On average, selling a home can take around three months from the day you first put it on the market. However, homes in todays market are selling much faster. [1] Be sure to take proper lead time into account as you make plans.

Knowing the best time to sell your home can help make the process easier and earn you higher bids. For Arkansas real estate, March is historically the best month to make a sale, followed by June and January. Our REALTORS know the ins and outs of different areas in Arkansas, including Hot Springs Village, and we’ll help you choose the best time to put your home on the market.

2. Scope Out the Competition

Take a walk or drive through your neighborhood and other nearby neighborhoods to see what else is on the market right now. Pay attention to the features they have in common and the price they’re asking.

Attend open houses to get ideas of what you and other prospective buyers might find appealing. And if a home has been on the market a long time, see if you can determine what they’re doing wrong—so you can avoid having a similar delay in your home sale.

3. Determine the Right Price

Don’t overlook the importance of setting a realistic asking price. Setting it too low means you won’t get what it’s worth, while setting it too high puts your home at risk of languishing without a buyer. You want to find the sweet spot.

A realtor who knows Arkansas real estate markets can help you determine the best price for your specific home—whether a single family home or a luxury home.

4. Create a Strong First Impression

Curb appeal is key to successfully selling a home for a great price. So, take a look at your home as if you were a buyer, and find ways to make that first impression a positive one.

Cosmetic updates such as a fresh coat of paint, an attractive new front door, potted plants on the porch or a beautiful new flowerbed can all help your home stand out and look inviting.

5. Make Your Interior Enticing

What home buyers see when they step inside your home is equally important to prompting strong bids. Remove dated wallpaper, and paint walls a crisp neutral tone. Eliminate clutter and keep things spotless.

Consider having an interior decorator assist you with the best positioning of furnishings to make your home look spacious and comfortable.

6. Nix the Personal Items

Those family photos and quirky collectibles you have scattered throughout your home are appealing to you—but they can be a turnoff to home buyers.

To help people imagine themselves living in your home, pack your personal items now and store them for moving later on, after your home has sold.

7. Make Your Home Move-In Ready

Home buyers are often unwilling to purchase Arkansas real estate that needs a lot of work. In fact, a home that’s ready to be immediately lived in, without the need for upgrades, is a plus in today’s market.

Have an inspection done ahead of the sale, make needed repairs, and update old items with what’s popular right now—such as getting rid of old rugs in favor of polished wood flooring.

8. Offer Perks

Help your home stand out even more from the competition by offering additional features a home buyer might like. This is especially effective for attracting buyers who are being relocated for business, as well as selling a luxury home.

If you’re selling an elegant Hot Springs Village vacation home, include your gorgeous patio furniture in the sale. Throw in specialty furnishings, or negotiate other high-end benefits. Items like these can sweeten the pot and draw an appealing bid from prospective buyers.

9. Partner with a Great Real Estate Agent

While it can be tempting to do a For Sale By Owner, it’s also time-consuming and challenging to do it yourself. You’ll have to manage all the showings, the negotiations, the inspections and other details that can be a hassle.

Working with a real estate agent provides you with many advantages that make paying the commission more than worthwhile:

  • Experience — Expert realtors save you time and effort by helping you determine a solid asking price. They know the ins and outs of your local area, so they can make it easier to find the right buyer as quickly as possible.
  • Connections — Real estate agents have big networks, which makes it a breeze to find and work with everyone who will help you sell your home—including pro inspectors, repairmen, and reliable buyers.
  • Convenience — You’ll save time and effort by turning to a real estate agent to market your home, schedule showings, negotiate contract items, and handle the paperwork. This frees you up to live your life as you wait for the sale to be finalized.

We Make Selling Your Arkansas Real Estate a Smooth Process

Putting your home on the market doesn’t have to be a stress-filled hassle. Get the expert help you need to sell your home for your ideal price by turning to the experts—our top-performing McGraw REALTORS team.

Check out how we can help you successfully sell your Hot Springs Village, Arkansas home for a price that makes you smile.

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