6 Reasons to Buy Waterfront Property in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Beautiful views, fun activities, luxurious lifestyle—It’s no wonder that living on the water is a dream for so many people. Owning a waterfront property is a valuable investment, and it may be more affordable than you realize. The key is choosing the right community, and for that, Hot Springs Village in Arkansas is a wonderful place to live.

With REALTORS in Hot Springs and Fort Smith, Arkansas and throughout Oklahoma, we provide home buyers with deep expertise in real estate throughout our region to fit your needs. Here are 6 reasons our clients love Hot Springs Village.

1. It’s Exclusive

With 26,000 acres of land to its name, Hot Springs Village is home to 14,000 residents who call it home. The secure, gated community provides safty and relaxing comfort to those who live here. It’s a wonderful place to settle if you’re relocating for business in Arkansas.

2. It’s Reasonably Priced

Enjoying a lakefront house means planning your home purchase carefully. This lets you enjoy the benefits of living in a gorgeous location, while maintaining your investment goals. As a community, Hot Springs Village is both affordable and elegant, and its average housing cost is less than $100 per square foot. 

And if luxury home living is ideal for you, Hot Springs Village offers many beautiful, top tier properties to choose from.

3. It’s Versatile

Hot Springs Village has many lovely and affordable lake homes to fit your personal goals and preferences, making it a perfect place to be if you plan to invest in Arkansas real estate.

Retirement Spot

Hot Springs Village has many delightful, cozy townhomes located on the community’s lakes. Starting in the mid-$100,000s, these homes are affordable and appealing. And for retirees, the area’s low taxes are an added bonus. For those who prefer more elaborate houses to host visiting grandchildren, there are lovely, larger homes along the lakes, with acre-sized properties.

Vacation Getaway

Townhouses and single-family houses make appealing second homes for those who live within driving distance. This provides a relaxing vacation spot surrounded by amenities. It is great for those who work in places such as Little Rock, Arkansas, and desire a second home for getting away from city life.

Rental Property

Some Hot Springs Village homeowners take advantage of the opportunity to rent extra square footage. Oftentimes, vacationing couples are always looking for these type of homes through Airbnb or similar services. The gated community provides great comfort to visitors and residents alike.

4. It’s Beautiful

One of the most beloved benefits of living on a waterfront property is the beauty of nature that you can enjoy. Arkansas real estate offers gorgeous landscapes. In Hot Springs Village, you’ll love the beautiful blue lakes, towering trees, and elegant home architectures that make this spot truly lovely.

5. It Offers Numerous Appealing Amenities

The community of Hot Springs Village includes 26,000 acres—which means there’s a lot to do within its gated perimeter.

Luxurious Golfing

Golfers love Hot Springs Village. With eight 18-hole golf courses and one 27-hole golf complex to choose from, you can play a different course every day of the week. Whatever your skill level, there’s a course for you. There is even an 18-hole miniature golf course where families can enjoy time with their children.

Gorgeous Lakes

The Village’s 11 lakes offer a great variety of choices when it comes to having fun on the water. From paddleboarding to swimming and fishing, there’s something for people of all ages and interests.

Outdoor Exercise

With 30 miles of forested trails available to residents, Hot Springs Village is perfect for those who love to walk, run, hike and bike in the great outdoors. The area also boasts several parks, picnic spots, tennis courts, pickleball courts, bocce ball (a form of lawn bowling), and more.

Delicious Foods

The Village boasts 14 restaurants within its borders, making it easy for residents to enjoy a meal without having to travel far. Choose from a variety of cuisines and dining styles. These range from American, Italian, Southern comfort, sports bars, bakery, bistro, Mexican, and more. Some of the restaurants even specialize in locally sourced foods.

Community Organizations 

Hot Springs Village accommodates your everyday needs with a variety of nearby community organizations. Find a faith community at one of its 20 churches. Enroll your children in one of the district’s schools or universities. Receive top healthcare at one of the outstanding medical facilities in or around the Village.

Nearby Places to Visit

Visit nearby towns Benton and Bryant for even more entertainment throughout the week. These two picturesque towns provide many attractions—including antique shops, museums, theaters, a farmers’ market, boutiques, gift stores, flea markets, great restaurants, and more.

6. It’s an Excellent Investment

Waterfront properties are coveted by home buyers, especially for those who want to find lovely, affordable lake homes to choose from. Hot Springs Village is ideal if you’re interested in purchasing Arkansas real estate that is likely to increase in value over time.

Realtors Know What to Look for—and What to Avoid

Not every home is a fit for every homebuyer—and that includes waterfront properties. Beautiful views and gorgeous lake activities can turn sour if you’re not happy with the house you purchased. Before you sign a contract, be sure to do your research and consider a variety of places so you can feel comfortable that you know where you want to live.

Find Your Dream Waterfront Property with McGraw REALTORS   

Real estate agents can help you avoid potential pitfalls and aid you in finding the right home for you at a good price. So, rather than doing all the searching yourself, turn to the experts in Arkansas real estate—McGraw REALTORS. We’ll listen to your preferences, offer you options, and guide you to the right house that is a perfect fit for you. 

Schedule a consultation with our REALTOR team to discover more about buying and selling homes in Northwest Arkansas.

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