6 Reasons Home Buyers Choose Suburban Living in Edmond, OK

The relaxing, comfortable feel of living in a suburban neighborhood is appealing to many homeowners. This is especially true for those who are raising a family. If you’re looking for a home that provides a great suburban vibe married with excellent investment value, you’ll love what Edmond, OK real estate has to offer. Located just north of Oklahoma City (OKC), this charming suburb features a wonderful quality of life that homebuyers appreciate.

Our REALTORS in Edmond, OK can help you pinpoint the right home to fit your preferences. We also serve other locations throughout Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas as well. This allows you the full benefit of our network and expertise as you select your dream home. 

Homebuyers are investing in Edmond, OK real estate for good reasons. Here are 6 great advantages of owning a home in Edmond.

1. Top Rated Place to Live

Search “great suburban area for retirement” and “top places to raise a family,” you’ll likely see Edmond, Oklahoma on the list. Making lists published over the past decade in reputable sources including CNBC, Forbes, and Family Circle Magazine, Edmond is consistently rated as one of the greatest towns to buy a home.

Families appreciate it for its excellent schools, family-friendly attractions, roomy yards for children to play in, and great neighborhoods. Young homeowners appreciate Edmond’s commitment to caring for the environment—for which it has received accolades from the EPA.

Retirees appreciate the comfortable cost of living, relaxed atmosphere, and nearness to the health facilities and airport in Oklahoma City. Its crime levels are around 40% lower than the national average, making it a safe place for residents of all ages.

All in all, this consistent popularity makes it worthwhile to invest in Edmond, OK real estate—both to enjoy for years, and then to capitalize on later when it’s time to sell.

2. Pleasant Suburban Lifestyle

Homes in the Edmond area range from $100 to $125 per square foot. The median home price is around $210,000 to $230,000. This may be somewhat higher than other neighborhoods in the Oklahoma City metro, but Edmond, OK real estate retains its value and sells well. It’s rare that a home in Edmond stays on the market for more than one to two months.

There are lovely homes of all sizes to choose from—with a range of architectural styles including Ranch, Cottage, Craftsman, Tudor and more. If you’re looking for a charming home with great curb appeal, look no further than Edmond.

3. Strong Economy

Edmond and nearby Oklahoma City have a vibrant, thriving economy—appealing to those who are relocating. Whether you’re coming from out of state to find a better quality of life, or you want to move from OKC to a more laid-back suburb, Edmond is an excellent place to settle down. 

There are numerous businesses within the borders of Edmond itself. Healthcare, oil, gas, manufacturing, and education make up some of the growing economic sectors in this region. And it’s just a convenient commute from the suburbs to downtown Oklahoma City. Within 20-30 minutes, Edmond homeowners can be at their jobs in OKC, a trip made easy due to the well-designed highway system.

If you’re entrepreneurially minded, Edmond is definitely a place to consider when you want to buy a home. Just north of OKC proper, Edmond and the surrounding areas offer strong support for its local small businesses and startups—many of which are owned by women.

4. Relaxed, Small-Town Feel

Home to around 90,000 people, Edmond, OK retains a distinctive small-town vibe that its citizens appreciate. Comprising nearly 87 square miles, Edmond has a comfortable, spacious layout that balances amenities with room to explore and relax.

It’s easy to meet your daily needs at Edmond’s many grocery stores, shops, gyms, doctors’ offices and other facilities. And with OKC just a stone’s throw to the south, traveling to enjoy a special event or shopping experience in the city is simple.

5. Great Schools

At least one-quarter of the homeowners in Edmond, OK are families with children under the age of eighteen. With four public high schools, eight middle schools, and over twenty elementary schools, as well as numerous private schools and Christian academies, you’re sure to find a fit for your children.

For adults, it’s a quick drive to one of the area’s many colleges. This convenience makes it simple to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree without a lengthy commute.

6. Fun Activities for All Ages

The Edmond area’s local libraries, parks, YMCAs, and other institutions offer many activities designed to bring out creativity, athleticism and joy in the town’s children. For seasonal entertainment, you’ll enjoy Edmond’s excellent Fourth of July festivities—which have won praise from CNN and USA Today.

Visit nearby Arcadia Lake to fish, camp, and go boating on beautiful blue lake waters. Enjoy 18 holes of golf at scenic Oak Tree National. Chow down at one of the area’s high-end restaurants, or relax with a coffee and casual meal before or after shopping at lovely spots such as Spring Creek Plaza.
For art lovers, Edmond boasts more than 200 pieces of public art, as well as cool ways to see them—including walking and biking art tours that visit downtown Edmond, local murals, historic art and much more.

Explore Edmond, OK before Buying a Home

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