Make Executive Relocation Smooth with Help From a Luxury Real Estate Company

Luxury Homes Make Executive Relocation Packages Appealing

Attracting and retaining great executives is essential to keeping a top tier company running smoothly. Often, the search for new executive staff members, as well as creating a road to promotion that keeps people on staff, depends on relocating the employee. To make an executive relocation as smooth and appealing as possible, companies can offer a robust relocation package that includes buying a luxury home.

Luxury real estate is often one of the most tempting perks to sweeten an executive relocation offer—which is why finding the right real estate company to smooth the process of finding a luxury home has so much value. Our McGraw REALTORS offer premier real estate consultations and home buying throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas—creating an ideal partner for companies and executives as they make their move to the areas we serve.

How Luxury Homes Are Crucial in Relocation Packages

Today’s compensation packages must be highly competitive to attract top talent and retain effective executives as they progress throughout their career. Generous relocation packages can include just about any benefit that appeals to ideal employees. At the executive level, it’s not uncommon to see job offers and moving packages that feature convenient ways to ease the move for the employee and their family, such as:

  • Assistance with packing and arranging for a moving company
  • Travel to the new location, such as airplane tickets
  • Transportation of family vehicles, including cars and boats
  • Aid in finding and enrolling children in good schools
  • Finding real estate that fits the executive lifestyle

Making it easy for the executive to find and move into luxury real estate that suits their preferences is essential to making a relocation smooth.

5 Ways to Ease the Executive Relocation Process 

When it’s time to relocate, choosing the right REALTOR can help. Partner with an Oklahoma real estate company with deep experience in luxury homes in Oklahoma and Arkansas—like our team of knowledgeable, skilled REALTORS.

We have numerous tips to assist you with buying a luxury home in Tulsa and the surrounding cities and states.

1. Be Clear on Relocation Policies

When the details, requirements, and company policies around relocation are clearly spelled out ahead of time, the relocation process is easier for everyone. Eliminate possible misunderstandings and delays by clarifying details such as:

  • The specific expenses the company will pay for
  • Which moving services the company will help arrange
  • The planned timing of the move
  • Details on payroll, taxes, etc., that may impact the employee in their new location and position

2. Include Traditional Moving Benefits

Lay the groundwork for an appealing executive relocation offer by starting with the essential basics that convince top talent to make a move. Employers should plan to:

  • Cover the expenses of moving
  • Pay the costs involved in selling the employee’s current home
  • Arrange temporary housing in the new location
  • Pay for temporary storage units until the executive buys their luxury home and moves in

3. Add Appealing Perks to Sweeten the Deal

It normally takes more perks to persuade an executive to move. Keep in mind that at the executive level, employers are often in mid-life, with a strong network of family and friends, as well as activities they may be very involved in, such as the local Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce. Moving at this stage in life is simply less tempting than it might be for a recent college graduate.

The added special features of an executive relocation package can be the deciding factor in persuading an ideal candidate to take the plunge into moving. Common perks at the executive level include:

  • Paid exploratory trips so the executive can experience the new location
  • Assistance to help the employee’s spouse find new employment

4. Provide Easily Accessible, Handy Information

Moving is a challenge for any employee because it means taking time to fit their everyday life into a new and unfamiliar location. Make executive relocation smoother by providing a full range of information in digestible, easy to find formatting. 

Get creative with ways to ensure executives have what they need to know at their fingertips.

  • Make short YouTube videos that show the route from the airport to the luxury home, and from the office to the school
  • Put information about the new area on an employee-specific intranet site
  • Create a flash drive of useful resources
  • Invest in a company app with maps, recommended eateries, and more

5. Include a Considerable Sign-on Bonus

Whether your company is pursuing new outside talent to head up an executive position, or whether you’re asking a top-performing executive to relocate to a different business division, it’s expected that a bonus, salary increase, and other additional compensation benefits will be offered in the executive relocation package.

  • Be sure the bump in pay covers increased cost of living in the new location
  • Find ways to creatively increase compensation, such as by covering childcare costs
  • Offer to repay any losses in the sale of the executive’s current home, especially if the move must happen before they can properly recoup their home investment

Partner with Relocation Pros for a Smooth Executive Relocation Process

To smooth the moving process for your top talent, it’s well worth finding a real estate company with expertise and a strong network in the area where the executive is heading. For an Oklahoma real estate company that offers expanded services in Arkansas as well, our team of McGraw REALTORS are among the top-performing real estate professionals in our entire region.

Our REALTORS take the time to get to know both the company and the executive, so that we are well equipped to find the perfect luxury home with all the appealing features the homeowner deserves. Discover how McGraw REALTORS makes it simple and delightful to buy your dream luxury real estate.

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