Advantages of Using a Realtor to List Your Home for Sale

Ready to put your home on the market? Listing your home the right way will make a dramatic difference in the number of qualified home buyers who come to you. Covering all your listing bases can help you get the best offers—whether you’re selling a starter home, a lake house, or luxury real estate.

Here is a detailed look at what’s involved in successfully putting your home on the market—including why it’s so much easier and more effective to use a realtor to handle the listing instead of doing it yourself.

Gorgeous Photos

When prospective purchasers search for homes to visit, they often start with viewing homes online. If you want your home to stand out as worth a visit, you’ll need attractive, professional-quality interior and exterior photos.

  • Take pictures of every room in your home, including bathrooms, walk-in closets, and mud rooms, etc.
  • For larger spaces, take pictures from a few different angles.
  • Include photos of the exterior, including decks, yards, and driveway.

Advantages of a Realtor #1  

Our McGraw REALTORS have a deep network of people who can help you sell your home at the best price, including pro photographers who’ll make your house shine.

Compelling Videos

A virtual, 360-degree tour of your space, inside and out, is an appealing way for interested parties to experience your home. It’s a super convenient, highly popular method of selling a property.

  • Showcase lifestyle elements, especially if you’re listing a high-end home with special amenities, such as an Olympic-size pool, rustic pizza oven, or game room.
  • Post the video on YouTube for easy accessibility.

Advantages of a Realtor #2 

As with photos, using an experienced videographer will give you the most attractive results. Your realtor can recommend a pro, and help stage your home to great effect.

Creative For-Sale Signs

A sign on your front lawn is a must because many people choose the neighborhood they want to live in before they look for available properties. To stand out, go beyond the basics.

  • Use a custom shape rather than a square or rectangle.
  • Place signs in locations that draw your ideal buyers—such as the neighborhood clubhouse or golf course.
  • Add a sign topper that showcases unique home elements—such as that custom inground pool.

Advantages of a Realtor #3

Realtors have large, attractive signs that catch the eye more easily than what you’ll find at the local home improvement store. Professional signage usually draws buyers who are willing to pay a higher purchase price.

Detailed Flyers

For-sale flyers are another staple that prospective buyers expect, and you should make these as informational as possible.

  • Use photos of your house’s exterior and best interior features. Many buyers grab flyers and go home—and you want them to remember your property.
  • Add a QR code so people can easily find your listing online.
  • Include essential details, such as floor plans, room dimensions, and so on.

Advantages of a Realtor #4 

Your real estate agent will print flyers in color, with a neat and attractive look. And the agent will field the calls the flyers generate, saving you time and hassles.

Effective Online Listings

Listing your house for sale in online marketplaces is essential these days, and you’ll want to be sure you’re inserting your post in the right places.

  • Look at online listing options to see which ones showcase homes like yours, for example MLS listings.
  • Consider non-real estate sites too. But target sites that your ideal buyers are most likely to frequent.

Advantages of a Realtor #5 

Your realtor will help you navigate the best sites for listing your home. In addition, real estate companies often pay for a pro-level account on popular sites, so your home’s listing will get promoted.

Promotion on Social Media

Word of mouth is an important and effective way to reach prospective home buyers. In addition to telling people you’re selling your house, share the news online.

  • Facebook has a wide reach, and targeted ads to your community can be effective.
  • Google Adwords promotions can also reach people as they search for home sales online.

Advantages of a Realtor #6 

Experienced agents like our McGraw REALTORS have large social media followings, so we can amplify your reach online.

Productive Print Ads

People still enjoy looking for possible real estate buys in their local newspapers and magazines, so invest in attractive ads to get your property in front of more viewers.

  • Choose a bigger ad that will draw the eye.
  • Use photos rather than just a worded description.
  • Consider additional options too, like postcards to your community.

Advantages of a Realtor #7 

Print ads are especially advantageous for luxury real estate. Realtors know exactly where to advertise for the greatest effect.

Additional Benefits of Listing with a Realtor 

Doing a “For Sale By Owner” can be time-consuming and frustrating. And it doesn’t guarantee you the best price. The investment of using a real estate agency is amply enhanced by the advantages of using an experienced McGraw REALTOR.

Save valuable time 

Realtors not only list your home, but also field calls, stage your home for inspections, help coordinate executive relocations, and do other time-consuming legwork so you don’t have to.

Ask the best price 

Realtors can help pinpoint your ideal home listing price so you get solid bids. And we’ll coach you on any upgrades to make so you get top-dollar offers.

Receive local tips and advice 

McGraw REALTORS are knowledgeable about communities all throughout Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. We can tell you what sells at Grand Lake, Hot Springs, and more. Just ask us!

Discover the Difference Our Team Makes for You   

Our team of McGraw REALTORS are among the most experienced and successful real estate agents in our entire region. Whether you’re upgrading to a bigger house, downsizing, relocating, or desire a vacation home, we’ll make your home sale a great experience that gets you top dollar.
Check out our convenient Sell My Home services, and contact us to learn more.

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