5 Essential Tips for a Successful Luxury Home Sale

Make the Most of Your Home Sale

Are you considering making a move? This is a perfect time of year to plan to sell your high-end real estate property and purchase a home that meets your current needs and desires more closely.

What Is a Luxury Home?

Residential real estate is considered to be a luxury home if it is valued within the top 10% of properties in your local market. Some of the features that create that high-end value include:

  • Prime location — The house is situated in an area that is highly prized and sought after. Luxurious homes in areas such as Grand Lake in Oklahoma, for example, are often hard to come by, and are thus highly desirable for buyers.
  • High local property values — Luxury homes tend to be found in neighborhoods where all (or most of) the homes are high-end in design and value.
  • Spaciousness — High-end homes have impressive square footage inside and expansive acreage outside, appealing to those who are willing to invest in lots of space. 
  • Premium features — From gorgeous Italian marble stonework and immense designer kitchens, to inground Olympic-size pools, private vineyards, and so much more, luxury homes have prestigious amenities not found in the average dwelling.

Luxury Homes Remain in Demand

There are times when homeowners are ready to exchange their high-end real estate for an option that better fits their current needs. Perhaps you find yourself in one of these categories, making a successful luxury home sale important to you at this stage in your life:

  • Relocation — A new position, or a promotion within your company, may come with a need to move to a different state or city, making a home sale necessary.
  • Family — It’s common for grandparents to move closer to where their grandchildren live, and for parents with young children to move closer to other family members.
  • Preferred amenities — Your current home may not have certain features you desire, and sometimes moving to a home that does is simpler than remodeling or rebuilding.
  • Downsizing — Once the children move out, many couples prefer to sell larger, high-end homes in favor of a home that is more manageable and meets their current needs more closely.
  • Desire to move — Some homeowners wish to move from one city to another, from city living to a rural area, or from a lake area to the city. All are viable reasons to sell your luxury home.

Successful Luxury Home Sales Require Expertise

A successful high-end home sale makes it simple to foster a successful move, so you can concentrate on what matters most to you. For this reason, choosing the right advisor to help you make your house market-ready and connect you with ideal buyers is essential. Among the tips our REALTORS offer our clients are these savvy sales techniques:

1. Stage Your Property 

The way your home is staged can dramatically improve (or reduce) your chances of obtaining the right buyer at your ideal price. Luxury home buyers must be able to imagine themselves loving the pampered lifestyle your home can provide. 

Consider hiring a professional designer to stage your home for maximum appeal. An expert can help you strike the right balance so that your home’s size and best features truly stand out and catch attention.

2. Create High-End Marketing Materials

A good rule of thumb in making a luxury home sale a success is to think like a professional marketer. You’re not just selling real estate in Tulsa—you’re selling a lifestyle, a brand, a vision the home buyer has of their future.

So, treat your luxury home sale like the high-end product it is. Hire a pro photographer to capture your home in all its glory. Create a luxury style video, featuring drone shots to highlight the spaciousness of your acreage. Make your home feel like a coveted brand that buyers will hunger to purchase.

3. Offer Appealing Perks

Here’s a way to think like your ideal home buyer. After all, the buyer is likely considering several high-end real estate properties. Set your home apart by providing intriguing and attractive extras.

Perks can include large items that are heavy and hard to move, but have strong value and appeal—such as a grand piano, antique wardrobe, full-length wall painting, custom handmade furniture set, or move-in-ready luxury cabana set for the inground pool.

4. Create Exclusivity

Build on the desirability of your luxury home by making it feel truly exclusive. Rather than holding open houses, schedule viewings by appointment so the buyer has the property entirely to themselves. Ask your real estate agent about whether a private listing (not publicly announcing the sale to all agencies) makes sense.

5. Work with an Expert in Luxury Home Sales

Not all real estate agents have the same level of expertise in selling a high-end home. So, when you choose your realtor, look for someone with a strong track record of successful luxury home sales, a powerful local network to connect you to great buyers, and a savvy understanding of your area.

Our REALTORS are experienced and skilled at getting our clients top results from their luxury home sale. We have a strong network and smart sales strategies, giving you confidence in a successful sale. Check out the areas we serve to discover if we offer services where your property is located.

Get the Most out of Your Luxury Home Sale   

With expert advice and assistance, selling your luxury home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead, it can be a pleasure throughout the entire process. Discover how McGraw REALTORS can make selling your home simple, successful, and stress-free.

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