10 Undeniable Reasons to Relocate to Oklahoma

Relocation to Tulsa and Oklahoma City Is on the Rise

If you’re considering a relocation to Oklahoma, you’re not alone. Today’s families are more mobile than ever—and with opportunities to work from anywhere, choosing a place to live that is gorgeous, affordable, fun and family-friendly is easier than ever. You’re not limited to big cities any longer, and many homeowners are attracted to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that Tulsa and Oklahoma City provide.

Discover why homeowners love Tulsa real estate.

Learn why homeowners love Oklahoma City real estate.

10 Reasons to Move to Oklahoma

1. Affordable Cost of Living

In recent years, Business Insider, Livability.com, CNBC and other reputable sources have all named Oklahoma state, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa as among the best places in the U.S. to extend the value of a dollar. Investing in Oklahoma real estate definitely makes this possible. 

Both Tulsa and Oklahoma City have a median home price that is lower than the national average, making it ideal for a relocation from areas with a higher cost of living. And with a cost of living that is 24% less than the national average, our region is one of the most affordable places in the country to live and work.

2. Faster Commutes

If you’ve lived in high-traffic areas such as New York City, L.A., Houston, or Chicago, you know all too well the headache of trying to get to and from work and family activities. By relocating to Oklahoma, you won’t have to deal with hour-long traffic snarls. Tulsa and Oklahoma City are among the country’s top 50 cities in terms of population size, yet our average commute times are about 20 minutes, among the lowest you’ll find. That means less time in your car and more time doing the things you love. What a win!

3. Top-Tier Employers

With a diversified economy, Oklahoma has many appealing employment opportunities for those interested in relocation for a new job. Tulsa and Oklahoma City both have small and large energy sector businesses—including oil, natural gas, solar and wind energy. The state also has many firms in aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, education, and other fields. American Airlines, Google, Williams, Chesapeake Energy, and so many others make working in Oklahoma great.

4. Innovative Growth

If you’ve never been to Tulsa, it is worth a visit to see all the creative parks, museums, and public spaces that remind visitors of America’s passion for innovation. With the backing of forward-thinking charitable foundations such as the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa’s development as a future-focused city is well underway.

 5. Historical Charm

Some of the most gorgeous art deco buildings in the world, outside of New York City and Chicago, are found in downtown Tulsa—which was a mecca for architectural design during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Classic hotels such as the Mayo Hotel, where stars like Elvis and Lucille Ball spent time, still exist. The Price Tower in Bartlesville is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only realized skyscraper. If history is your passion, there’s so much more to see here.

 6. Great Music and Arts

Tulsa and Oklahoma City are home to many popular musicians, from famous stars such as Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood to local and regional groups that play the area’s many musical hotspots throughout the year. With a mix of large arenas, intimate music halls, and local watering holes, you can see anyone from U2 and Lady Gaga to Trombone Shorty, Phoenix, and more.

 7. Entrepreneurial Paradise

Oklahoma City and Tulsa both rank high in terms of being friendly to small businesses. Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial spirit is strong, and it is seen in our state’s numerous, affordable coworking spaces, business incubators such as 36 Degrees North and i2E, and other supportive groups and services. Networking groups abound for those wanting to build business connections. And with vibrant areas like the historic Greenwood District in Tulsa and the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City, there’s always room for new businesses to spring up and grow.

8. Burgeoning Food and Drink Spots

For foodies, Oklahoma City and Tulsa both offer some truly innovative, inviting restaurants featuring a wide variety of cuisines to please the palate. In addition to popular eating spots such as OKC’s Bricktown area, there are also numerous mom-and-pop places, as well as an ample selection of food trucks that garner large followings. 

In Tulsa, the popular Mother Road Market on Route 66 features up-and-coming restaurant concepts. Businesses get a chance to perfect their craft while diners delight in a rotating choice of cuisines to sample.

 9. Beautiful City Parks

Visit unique destinations such as Tulsa’s Gathering Place — a world-class, 100-acre public park and entertainment spot designed to have something for every single person in the city. With fun and interactive kids’ play areas for different age groups, a skate park, basketball courts and kayaking, there’s plenty of activities to enjoy. From its gorgeous paths and landscaping to its peaceful atmosphere, you’ll love spending time there.

10. Gorgeous Natural Getaways

Oklahoma is known for its many lovely lakes, offering great places to enjoy fun on the water during the summer months. Hiking, bird-watching, and mountain biking are popular at locations such as Redbud Nature Preserve, Oxley Nature Center, and the 300-acre Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. And for the impressive sight of bison, elk, longhorn cattle and other wild creatures, take a drive to the beautiful Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve.

Get Oklahoma Real Estate that Makes You Love Your Relocation

Whether you’re relocating for a new job at one of the many companies that make Oklahoma home, or you desire to take advantage of Oklahoma’s fun, family-friendly, affordable lifestyle, our McGraw REALTORS can help you manage your relocation plans and find the perfect home that you’ll delight in for years to come.

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