Cost-Effective Landscaping to Ready Your Oklahoma Home for Resale

Beautiful Curb Appeal Consistently Draws in Home Buyers

First impressions matter when you’re selling a home. The right landscaping creates memorable beauty and an appealing, move-in ready feel that attracts home buyers. And with Oklahoma real estate priced at $250K selling quickly these days, you definitely want to stand out from the competition to earn the top-dollar sale you deserve.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be costly to create a look that makes your home stand out. Much can be done to enhance existing landscaping on an affordable budget. Use these suggestions to boost your home’s curb appeal in ways that give you a great return for minimal investment.

Set Aside Time to Tend to Your Landscaping 

While landscaping enhancements don’t have to be pricey, they take time and planning to be effective. Achieving the look you desire may require a few weeks as you remove old greenery, plant new shrubbery, and more. 

As you plan:

  • Browse magazines, Pinterest boards, and other resources to gather ideas.
  • Make a list of what you’d like to do around your home exterior and yard.
  • Calendar how long it will take to complete the work before you place your home on the market. 
  • If you are bringing in a professional landscaper, take their schedule into account as you plan your home resale timetable.

7 Steps to Make Landscaping Upgrades a Breeze

To effectively complete the curb appeal projects you have in mind, organize the work into manageable chunks. These 7 steps are valuable, cost-efficient approaches to creating a beautiful home exterior that appeals to prospective home buyers.

1. Clear Away Clutter

To make your home resale appealing, it’s important to give them a way to envision themselves enjoying your home. Removing clutter creates a feel of appealing, calming spaciousness and cleanness.

  • Store out of sight bikes, toys, garden tools, pet kennels, trash cans, etc.
  • Clean up fallen leaves, twigs, dog droppings, etc.
  • Sweep clean pathways and driveways.
  • Remove all but a few carefully chosen planters and furnishings to ensure outdoor spaces are neat and streamlined.

2. Refresh Your Front Entrance

Your home’s entryway makes a strong impression on prospective home buyers. Create a lovely, welcoming feel by updating your front entrance.

  • Wipe away dust and cobwebs.
  • Clean the mailbox or install a new one.
  • Consider updating the doorbell, door knocker, and doorknobs.
  • Cleanse light fixtures and install new lightbulbs.
  • Remove old, unattractive furnishing and replace with a few inexpensive new items, such as a simple rug and flowerpot that match or offset your home exterior colors.
  • Add a new, inviting welcome mat—which looks attractive and also keeps home buyers from bringing in dirt when they view your home.

3. Tend the Lawn

One of the simplest and most cost-friendly ways to enhance curb appeal can also be overlooked—your lawn maintenance.

  • Mow regularly to keep grass at a neat, uniform height.
  • Remove dandelions, clovers and other weeds.
  • Use an edging tool to ensure the edges of driveways, paths, and curb look crisp.
  • Water the lawn regularly to keep grass green and lush.

4. Freshen Flower Beds

Bright, colorful, full flower beds automatically catch the eye of home buyers, so take time to refresh any existing flower beds you have.

  • Pull out and discard dead plants, leaves and debris.
  • Add a variety of plants and flowers of different colors, sizes and shapes to add visual interest. A few ideas include:
    • Blooming shrubs such as azaleas, hydrangeas, and roses
    • Tall plants, such as giant coneflowers and sunflowers
    • Ornamental grasses
    • Winter jasmine for blooms in colder months
    • Low, colorful flowers such as pansies and petunias
  • Cover any exposed dirt with fresh mulch to prevent weeds and create a polished design.
  • Beautiful, colorful stones add visual interest. Consider creating a rock garden in any areas where flowers are difficult to grow.

5. Spruce Up Outdoor Furnishings

Keep in mind that simple and streamlined is the way to go when staging your outdoor porches and decks for home resale.

  • Remove and discard any items that look old, worn, or broken.
  • Invest in a new indoor-outdoor rug that doesn’t easily stain or become discolored.
  • Add a few new seats, or freshen up existing chairs with new, in-fashion cushions.
  • Consider installing a new, modern porch swing. (You can always take it down after the sale and bring it with you to your new home.)
  • If you need a pop of green, add small trees in planters to your patio. They’re very affordable, and give you immediate beauty.

 6. Clean and Repair Hardscaping

If you have sidewalks, paths, porch steps, railings, and pavers around your flower beds, you’ll want these elements to be neat, clean, and in tip-top shape to maximize curb appeal.

  • Replace any broken stones and pavers with new ones.
  • If you have gravel-covered paths and driveways, add a fresh layer to make these spaces look clean and bright.
  • Install stones or decorative cement bricks to give your landscaping beds definition and charm.

 7. Install Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor path lighting garners immediate attention, and it can be quite affordable, as well as a relatively simple DIY project.

  • Install appealing solar lights, which require no wiring and are simple to set in place.
  • Add sconces to the porch and driveway for increased lighting and beauty.

Boost Your Home Resale Results with REALTORS You Can Trust   

Choosing your real estate agent is an essential part of a home resale that brings in great buyers and top prices. Our REALTORS are highly skilled, knowledgeable about Tulsa real estate and Oklahoma City properties, and dedicated to working in your best interests, so you are assured a successful home resale. 

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