5 Advantages of Hiring a Realtor instead of DIY Selling Your Home

Simplify Your Life with a Realtor Who Understands How to Sell a House Successfully

Thinking of finding a homebuyer for your Oklahoma real estate property with a “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) approach? Perhaps you’ve driven by some For Sale By Owner signs around nearby neighborhoods and thought to yourself, “How hard can it be?” You might be surprised to learn FSBO sales can actually complicate the process and make it hardernot easier—to find the right buyer and get the best results.

In fact, choosing a realtor to help you successfully sell your home has several advantages that protect you from the most common challenges that arise when you attempt to sell the house yourself.

5 Common Myths and Facts of DIY Home Sales

Myth #1: Marketing a home is easy—isn’t it?

Fact: It’s harder than you realize, because marketing in general is a challenge.

  • Even when you have a beautiful, desirable home that is worth every penny, it’s still difficult to compete with all the other listings out there. 
  • Many serious homebuyers will simply never happen by your home to see the For Sale By Owner sign. 

Realtor’s Advantage: By listing your property with a realtor, your home will be input into a database so that every real estate agent interested in homes in your area will see it. This is not only great for expanding your reach locally, but also dramatically increases the likelihood that out-of-state buyers interested in Oklahoma real estate will see your listing.

Myth #2: You’ll make more money without a real estate agent.

Fact: There are multiple pitfalls with the DIY home sale approach that could actually lower your return on investment instead of increasing it:

  • You might price the home too low, losing out on higher profits.
  • You might price it too high, putting off prospective buyers.
  • You might start too high and then lower the price a few times, making buyers wonder what’s wrong with the house—even if it’s actually in great shape.
  • You might get discouraged and give up.
  • You might overspend or underspend on home improvements, and be unable to capitalize on them in your house’s contract price.

Realtor’s Advantage: One of the best ways to ensure you get as much profit out of your home sale as possible is to work with a realtor who is experienced in Oklahoma real estate. Local real estate agents not only know the prices of homes in your area, but they’ll also spot things that are worth fixing to boost your asking price, as well as noting things you might not have realized are a selling point, and highlighting them to prospective buyers.

Myth #3: It’s easy to show a home.

Fact: There’s a lot more involved in making a home visually appealing to buyers than you may realize. Do this part wrong, and you could lose a lot of potential bids.

Realtor’s Advantage: Real estate agents see houses around your neighborhood all the time. They know what features home buyers are looking for. They know what paint colors are turn-ons and turn-offs, how much furniture is too much, what kinds of pictures to hang and what to remove, and so much more. Plus, they also do the legwork of showing the house and answering buyers’ questions, saving you time and stress.

Myth #4: It can’t be that complicated to do the paperwork.

Fact: You don’t want to make costly mistakes on the seller’s contract, affidavits, deeds, and other legal paperwork—or you could end up in a legal mess.

Realtor’s Advantage: Real estate agents handle the complexities of contracts and other legal papers all day long, every day, and they are well trained in how to ensure you’re making the right decisions through the sales process. They’ll also negotiate the best deal for you, so you maximize your profits.

Myth #5: Handling the details of a home sale is simple and fast.

Fact: It’s the opposite. There are so many details to manage, and if you’re taking a For Sale By Owner approach, the time-consuming, step-by-step work is entirely on you.

Realtor’s Advantage: Real estate agents actually make the sales process so much easier on homeowners because they handle all of the details with expertise, saving you tons of frustration.

5 Benefits that Realtors Provide for Your Home Sale

  1. Realtors negotiate your sales price and contract to get you the strongest results.
  2. They coordinate inspections and help you ace the home inspection process.
  3. They can recommend people from their network to provide needed services that expedite the sale—lenders, repairmen, etc.
  4. They know the best days and times to schedule showings, and manage them for you so you don’t have to be involved.
  5. They help create an appealing listing that draws in prospective buyers.

Discover the many advantages of working with McGraw REALTORS so you can enjoy the best results from your Oklahoma real estate sale.

Make the Most of Your Home Sale with the Right Realtor

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, it’s worth doing it right from the very start. Don’t go it alone and risk losing out on the best possible price and fastest sale. Our team of capable, focused REALTORS know the ins and outs of real estate in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. We take great pride in giving you a home selling experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our straightforward process has helped more than 30,000 people sell their home in our area:

  • We help you prepare your property to sell for the best price.
  • We market your home using our vast network and commitment to excellence.
  • We help you negotiate the closing so you have peace of mind.

It’s simple to get started. Schedule a consultation and share your goals with us. We’ll develop a game plan that makes your sale a resounding success.

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