McGraw REALTORS® Acquires the Assets of Anderson Properties

For decades, the name McGraw has been synonymous with real estate in Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma. At McGraw REALTORS® we have been helping people find a place to call home since 1938 as Oklahoma’s largest independent real estate company. Which is we are excited to announce the January 2020 acquisition of Anderson Properties in Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

Exciting Things Happening at McGraw REALTORS®

“This is an exciting time for all of us at McGraw. We now have 18 offices across Oklahoma and West Arkansas. Even though we have been doing business in Oklahoma for over 82 years, we all have an incredible feeling that we are just getting started,” said Bill McCollough, President and CEO of McGraw REALTORS®.

Managing Broker Lindsey Schlomann, speaking of the acquisition, said, “[This] is beyond exciting news for McGraw Realtors! McGraw has been a staple in the Tulsa Real Estate market for 82 years, and now we are stronger than ever and ready to embrace new markets across Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.” 

We want to make real estate simple for our clients so they can have confidence during one of the largest transactions they will ever make. Our years of experience, innovative technology, and our collaborative network of industry professionals that love what they do allows us to take the complexity out of the entire process. Now that network has grown from just over 400 to more than 750 agents in 18 offices across two states.

A Truly Full-Service Brokerage

In addition to our residential real estate division, McGraw also offers an expert team of commercial real estate professionals and a full range of property management services. “We can now offer our higher standard of service and expertise to sellers and buyers in these new markets, regardless of their real estate needs,” said Managing Broker Lindsey Schlomann, “allowing us to be a truly full-service brokerage.”

During 2019 McGraw partnered with Winfield Property Management, a company with a 15-year history of multi-family residential property management. The merger has seen Winfield Property Management with McGraw REALTORS increase from 2,500 to more than 3,500 doors under management.

“Even though we have been doing business in Oklahoma for over 82 years, we all have an incredible feeling that we are just getting started!”

Bill McCollough, President & CEO, McGraw REALTORS®

Regina Yager, Principal Broker for Anderson Properties in Oklahoma and Arkansas, now with McGraw REALTORS® said, “In the short time since the acquisition was announced has been really clear to me that McGraw REALTORS® has two main priorities – McGraw genuinely cares about each agent and each client, buyer or seller. It’s clear that good leadership matters at McGraw, and is essential to the company’s success. Combine that with the support already in place from cutting edge technology and full service, in house marketing, our agents and clients really stand the benefit.” 

Looking to the Future

What sets McGraw apart in the industry is our company culture. We have spent decades developing a culture that is built on a commitment to excellence, ethics and high standards. This is a commitment that extends beyond the company walls and into the communities we call home. 

We believe real estate companies are built on recruiting and retaining excellent agents. We not only recognize this but we excel in it because we have developed a culture that people want to be a part of. At McGraw we are family, and our agents have helped make this company one that thrives on teamwork in a profession that can oftentimes be cutthroat.

McCollough summed up his feeling about the acquisition by saying, “We are charging forward in every aspect of our business. We are stronger than ever and we are excited for what our future holds.” Whatever that future is, we know one thing: It’s going to have a lot more Green.

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