7 Secrets to Selling Your Home Near Grand Lake

If you own Grand Lake Real Estate, you deserve to sell it for a great price, and in a timely fashion. But selling a lakefront property is different than selling a typical home in the suburbs. Lake property isn’t just about the home itself; it’s about the lifestyle. 

Tips on selling your Grand Lake home

1. Market your property to its specific clientele

Many lake properties are often considered luxury homes, and will often attract clientele with tastes. Often, they are looking for specific features such as a fabulous view, a great deck for entertaining and grilling, a private dock, and amenities in proximity such as a clubhouse or fitness center. However, luxury homes are not all that Grand Lake offers, even in lake view homes, and it is best practice to be aware of who you are marketing too with your property. 

Pro tip: Focus on selling the “lake life” not just the “lake house.” 

2. Make an informed decision when pricing your home

When pricing your home, consider its location, condition, and the current competition. Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) done and price it competitively with other lake homes in your area. Set a price that a reasonable buyer expects to pay for your home. 

Price a home right, and it will sell; price a home wrong, and it may sit. Don’t overprice your home, because overpriced homes can turn buyers off, causing the home to sit on the market. And homes that sit on the market too long can develop a stigma, making potential buyers suspect something is wrong. 

Pro tip: Since there are fewer comparative sales and more unique features to waterfront homes, if you want to be sure you are on point, invest in an appraisal. The few hundred dollars you invest to have a pre-listing appraisal could turn out to make you more money in your home sale and identify any potential issues that should be addressed before listing it. 

3. Stage your home inside and out

Potential buyers want to see the awesome sights of the lake with an unobstructed view. However, before considering trimming trees or removing anything from the water line, contact the GRDA to know what you can and can’t remove. Stage your deck area with a table, umbrella, cozy patio furniture, and a grill. Allow your boat or jet ski to be in full view for the buyers to imagine the fun lifestyle your home facilitates. Clean your dock scrupulously. Fix anything in disrepair and add a fresh coat of paint or stain to outdoor surfaces that need it. 

Pro tip: Hire a professional landscaping company to upgrade your home’s curb appeal from the street and from the water. Create appealing outdoor entertainment areas to add value and appeal to buyers. 

4. Photos and Video that capture the beauty of your property

Over 90% of today’s buyers shop for their new home online, so excellent photos—particularly of the outdoor portion of your property—are vital. Bad photography is a turnoff. Great photography draws buyers to inquire and schedule a tour of your home. 

Pro tips: Home sellers who provide video tours with voiceovers find it’s beneficial to their home marketing plan. Sometimes even a simple video taken with a quality smartphone can do the trick.

5. Clear the views

From inside your home, be sure the lake is easy to view. Move lamps and furniture away from one’s view through windows, sliding glass doors, and any place buyers can catch a glimpse of your home’s highlight—its proximity to the lake. Clean the windows thoroughly from the inside and the outside. 

Pro tip: Anything you can do to make the lake more visible to buyers will aid in the sale of your Grand Lake home. 

6. Improve your home where needed

To obtain the best overall price for your asset, take the time to make your home shine:

  • Paint rooms neutral colors so others can imagine themselves in the rooms.
  • Upgrade the surfaces and hardware of kitchen cabinets.
  • Replace old light fixtures. 
  • Paint the front door or replace it for a great first impression.
  • Install closet storage for the practical needs of home buyers.
  • Clean everything, including walls, carpet, ceiling fans, blinds, and window sills.
  • Stage your home well. Add some fresh flowers to the porch and landscape surrounding your home.
  • Declutter your home interior and take personal photos off the walls.

Pro tip: Depersonalize your home so others can picture themselves in it. If you have a vivid color that you love on the walls, realize others may not share your passion for that flair. Tastefully choose to cover up any bold colors with neutrals.  

7. Find a Grand Lake real estate agent

When you’re ready to sell your Grand Lake home, get an agent who knows how to market a waterfront property, and who is specifically experienced in selling homes on Grand Lake. Ask at least 3 agents for a CMA, don’t feel you have to choose the agent who prices your home highest, and realize their personality and sales style should fit your needs. 

Pro tip: Experienced real estate agents understand the nuances of a Grand Lake home sale, the importance of disclosing things like the need for flood insurance, and the clientele they are marketing the lakefront lifestyle too. It’s worth the effort it takes to find an experienced Grand Lake Real Estate Agent. 

A Real Estate Company You Can Trust with Your Grand Lake Home Sale

The complicated process of selling a waterfront home can seem overwhelming to navigate alone. The professionals at McGraw REALTORS® know you want to make smart decisions when it comes to your home sale—selling it fast and for the best price. 
We understand the factors that go into a successful Grand Lake home sale. 

Our team of experienced real estate professionals are ready to work closely with you and guide you through your home sale—keeping you informed throughout the process. Learn how a McGraw agent can help keep you in control of the sale of your lake property, and get the most out of selling your homeSchedule a free consultation.

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