Sellers: How to Ace Your Home Inspection

Home sellers who intentionally go the extra mile preparing for their home inspection prior to their home’s listing position themselves to sell their home as quickly as possible for the maximum amount possible. A pre-listing home inspection is a key ingredient to a timely and successful home sale. During an inspection, a professional inspector documents the detailed condition of a home and discloses any items that need to be repaired.

The investment of approximately $400 for a pre-listing inspection can give you a jump-start on needed repairs, and therefore prevent delays at closing. The thoroughness of a pre-listing inspection gives sellers the opportunity to address each area that needs attention prior to listing so their home is in ideal condition to sell. The final preparations for eliminating any known defects in your home prior to listing will capture the attention of qualified buyers.

How to prepare for an inspection

Anything worth doing is worth doing right—and your home inspection is no exception. The more attention you give to preparing for the inspection, the smoother it will go.

You and your home will leave a good impression on the inspector by simply doing all you can to make your home easily accessible, clean, and ready for inspection.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare:

  1. Clean up – The cleaner and tidier your home, the easier it is for an inspector to get around your home and access all the details in order to prepare your thorough inspection report. Declutter, straighten and clean your home well prior to your inspection for the best results.
  2. Empty out – Before your home inspection, empty things like the washer, dryer, dishwasher, sink, and oven so they are ready to be turned on and tested by the inspector.
  3. Pave the way – Is the door to your hot water heater buried behind layers of items stored in your garage? Before your inspection, pave the way to your hot water heater and open the door so it is ready to be checked.
  4. Rise up – Is your attic entrance located in an obscure ceiling area and difficult to get to? Set your ladder up to the attic entrance and make way so the inspector can easily access the ladder and enter the attic.
  5. Speak up – You know your home better than anyone, so if you have concerns about a particular area, mention it to the inspector so he can take a look. For example, if your air conditioner acts up, speak up about it.
  6. Open up – Once the inspector has arrived, be sure all doors are unlocked for easy access. This includes any locks indoors and outdoors – such as the lock on your privacy fence gate. Any steps you can complete before the inspection saves time during your home inspection.
  7. Write up – Document all maintenance you had done on your home and place it in one location such as a binder or file folder. Include insurance claims and specific details of any work you have had done, as well as when the work was done. Keep warranties and service agreements accessible as well. These items should also be documented on the Property Condition Disclosure at the time of listing the home.
  8. Light up – Go through your home and replace all burnt-out light bulbs prior to your inspection. Note: if an inspector finds that a light isn’t working, it could indicate a wiring problem in your home. The inexpensive preparation of simply verifying all your light bulbs illuminate properly will streamline your inspection.
  9. Finish up – Prior to your inspection, remove anything from your home that could get in the inspector’s way—including pets. A clean and accessible home will help your inspector perform his duties well and will, therefore, accelerate your home sale.

Find a top inspector

Once you choose to invest in a pre-listing inspection, locate a qualified inspector in your area and schedule the inspection. Here are a few tips on finding the optimal home inspector:

●       Review a sample of a completed inspection report.

●       Look up consumer reviews.

●       Verify the inspector is insured and licensed.

●       Choose an inspector who will allow you to accompany him during the inspection.

●       Evaluate their level of professionalism: years in service, company history, certifications and professional memberships.

●       Call ahead and ask any additional questions about the service to verify you’ve found the right fit for your needs.

●       Verify the fee charged for your specific home’s square footage.

●       Inquire about any additional fees to expect if additional items need to be inspected—for example, if foundation problems are suspected.

Eliminate the frustration that many homeowners experience

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You’re in good hands

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Stay informed and in control throughout the selling process

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Real estate doesn’t have to be difficult.

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