Mackenzie Boles is New To McGraw!

Mackenzie Boles is new to McGraw REALTORS.  Born in Coffeyville, KA, Mackenzie grew up in Bartlesville before relocating to Owasso where she graduated from High School.  After high school, she studied International Communications at Herftordshire, UK.

Currently, Mackenzie is living in Stillwater, commuting back and forth from school to work. A senior at OSU, Mackenzie is working on completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communications.  She is a member of Gmma Phi Beta sorority.

Mackenzie chose McGraw REALTORS after recently receiving her OK license because, “McGraw provides the best platform for me to excel and meet my professional goals by offering excellent mentoring and career development programs.”

When not selling residential real estate, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her family at Grand Lake.

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