How Your Dream of Lake House Living Can Happen!

After a long cold winter, the boat show kicked off the season with SUMMER FEVER!

Now is the Time to Start Looking For Your Dream Home On The Lake!

Tulsa’s Boat Sport & Travel Show, held at the River Spirit Expo every January, is the region’s largest recreational exhibit, drawing people from several states and all walks of life. If you are thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicle to take to one of Oklahoma’s more than 200 lakes, you probably attended this boat show. If you are thinking about where to put that recreational vehicle you probably attended this boat show, stopped by the McGraw REALTORS booth and asked, “What can you show me that will work with what I’ve picked out here?”

Do You Know Where You WANT To BE?

Your REALTOR Knows Where You NEED To Be!

With 55,646 miles of shoreline around lakes and ponds plus 167,600 miles of rivers and streams in Oklahoma, it can be next to impossible for you to find the perfect spot when looking for waterfront property to purchase. A good REALTOR wants you to be where you WANT to be and knows the right questions to ask to get you where you NEED to be.

  • Are you a “Weekender”? You would like to keep your main home, but spend weekends, holidays and summer vacations on a lake. If so, you will prefer the side of the lake nearest your main home. If you will be coming from Tulsa or OKC to Grand Lake, you’ll prefer to be on South Grand; coming from Kansas City or Wichita? Then you’ll want to be on the north side of the lake.  It’s all about the time it takes to get there.  
  • If you are an older couple that is downsizing but wants to be near Grand Lake, you might choose to relocate to Grove because of the hospital that is there.
  • Are you getting ready to retire to a home right on the water, but you have trouble walking?  You may want to consider a property with a gentle slope from the home to the shoreline. Can you manage steps to a dock?
  • Maybe you want a place where you can entertain guests and business associates. Do you need waterfront access, or just want a breathtaking view?

These details might not be clear online, but an informed REALTOR knows them, and the right questions to ask.  “It is important to know what you want; it is imperative to know what you DO NOT want!” Our Grand Lake Office Manager, Kathy Stacy explains.

A DREAM That Could Happen – To YOU!

Families came to the boat show to dream about what they would like to own, many of whom realized that their dreams could become a reality. “A whole family – mom, dad and all the kids – will get inside an off-road vehicle and pretend they are driving it. It is so cute to watch! They go through the RV’s. They lie on the beds and check out the kitchen. They say, ‘I would love to have this.’ It’s like a dream that could actually happen. It isn’t out of reach.”

The same thing is true when deciding to buy lake property.

You might decide that instead of going on expensive vacations, staying in motels or renting a condo, you will use that money to buy lakefront property  – a place where you can spend summers for the rest of your life. “When the kids are grown and gone, they may not want to go on vacation with their parents anymore, but they will always come to a lake house for a visit!” Kathy explains.  

You CAN Live On The Lake

Change Your Preconceived Ideas

If you think that only wealthy people live on or near a lake, then think again! Yes, there are multi-million dollar homes that are virtual showpieces at the lakes, but there is plenty of lake property available that is affordable to middle-income families as well. “Many of our clients want a place where they can go to relax,” Kathy says. “It’s about having a place to get away from a busy lifestyle; where you can wear shorts and flip-flops, no makeup and hair in ponytails.  It’s about having time together fishing and swimming; time without electronics. But mainly it’s about making memories. It’s about children who grow up and tell their kids about grandma and grandpa’s place on the lake. It’s about preserving old memories, making new ones and making dreams come true. McGraw REALTORS wants to make their clients’ dreams come true!“

Give us a call today at 918- 592-6000 to find out your first step in owning your dream home on the lake! Start browsing our lake properties today!

by Rosie Gorrell

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