Have You Heard of the Funnel Phenomenon?

Neither had we! Until we sat down with Becky Orr, McGraw Broker Associate, who explained this rarity about one of our Oklahoma suburbs.

Becky Orr learned about this phenomenon in 2001 when her husband, who was working for Williams Companies, was transferred to Owasso from Southeast Kansas. Becky, who owned her own real estate company in KS, joined McGraw Realtors Owasso branch and soon discovered why Owasso was quickly becoming the fastest growing suburb of Tulsa.

How the Funnel Phenomenon Helps YOU!

Due to the unique alignment of Oklahoma’s highway systems, Owasso is the collection point for consumers in a 4,300 sq. mile area. Fed by highways 244, 169, 20, 11 and 75, this “funnel” creates a customer base of over 410K for Owasso retailers and businesses and is a direct cause of the unprecedented grown of the city. Once known as a suburb of Tulsa, Owasso has established itself as a partner to Tulsa, as well as to the surrounding cities of Pryor, Claremore, Collinsville, Catoosa, Skiatook, Bartlesville and even Southeast Kansas.

What you will find in Owasso:

  • Affordable home prices
  • Churches
  • Recreation
  • Parks
  • Civic Groups
  • Clubs
  • Organizations
  • State-of-the-art schools
  • Everything that brings families together and improves your quality of life

Want to Live in a BOOMING City with a Community Feel?

Owasso is just the place!  Before Becky and her husband ended up in Owasso, there were less than 2,000 people who lived there. The city’s founding fathers recognized Owasso’s potential for growth due to its unique location between these Oklahoma highways, so with great foresight, they laid out an infrastructure plan in 2000 and the city boomed.  

“Developers began buying farmers’ meadows and turning them into new subdivisions. With more rooftops come more people, and with more people come more retailers.” Becky explained. Smith Farms, a major retail division, was built at 96th Street North and highway 169.  It drew attention from national retail companies like Best Buy, Kohls, Belks and Penny’s, wanting to come to Owasso. Along with major retailers coming in, new subdivisions were being built. All of this new construction added more tax dollars to Owasso’s revenue, enabling it to invest in their school system!

You Can Have Small Town Living With BIG Benefits!

  • Approximately 75% of Owasso is new!
  • Most of the elementary schools in Owasso are new within the last 10 years.
  • Ample retail revenue means the city did not have to float any bonds to construct most of their new schools.
  • No bonds means a lower cost of living to residents.
  • A lower cost of living means Owasso is an affordable place for young families to live!

A Sneak Peak of What You Will Receive in Owasso!

Downtown Owasso, known as the Redbud District, is undergoing a major revitalization, with focus on walkability.  

  • The Gathering on Main , which begins in April and ends in October on the first Thursday of each month, blocks off Main Street, hosting vendors, music, and shopping.
  • SEVEN6MAIN is a mixed-use development joining commercial and residential use into one space. Spanning an entire city block between Main and Birch, the 45,000 square foot building will frame the southernmost border of Owasso’s Redbud District on 76th Street North. The building will contain restaurants – including Smoke, retail spaces, office spaces and upscale apartments. Ample parking will be available in the rear of the building to patrons and residents with easy access to amenities.
  • There are lofts for rent above the businesses on Main Street.
  • Tulsa Tech Owasso Campus is a state-of-the-art, 256,000 sq. ft., energy-efficient facility that includes a 51,000 sq. ft. Conference Center for public use and student training.

Are You Looking For a Place to Live With Job Opportunities?

Owasso continues to grow. New businesses continue to come in all the time, bringing in new employment opportunities to Owasso. Recently added are:

  • Home Goods Store inside the TJ Maxx Store
  • Ulta
  • 5 Guys Burgers
  • Chipolte
  • 5 Pie Pizza
  • Macy’s Distribution Center

Workforce living space (apartments and condos) stay full at all times, with more being added continually.

Why Choosing An Expert Will Alleviate Your Relocation Stress

When you are relocating to a new area, choose an expert to help you find the perfect place to live. McGraw REALTORS has professionals who live in Owasso, and are experts in helping you locate:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Dance Academies
  • Music Lessons
  • Children’s Sports

McGraw associates understand how stressful relocating can be on families. “I tell families not to worry. Other families will welcome you here; It won’t take long at all!” Becky reassures her clients.

“Between churches, schools and sports, we get you connected very quickly. Owasso is very community minded and giving to anyone in need.”

McGraw REALTORS treat their clients like family because McGraw REALTORS ARE family! Becky sums it up by saying, “When our transaction ends, it doesn’t end our relationship. We live right here, and we will see you at church, the grocery store, at school functions and meetings. We will be the neighbor that you can always call on for advice, recommendations or help of any kind.”

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