Commercial Investments are BOOMING! Here’s How to Get Involved!

After a decade of slow recovery, Commercial Investments Are BOOMING!

Eleven years ago, we experienced a downturn in the stock market, resulting in one of the worst recessions in generations.  Commercial real estate was hit hard leaving holes in office buildings as companies reduced their footprint, relocated or completely folded.

However, the market has been steadily recovering and growing over the last nine years. New companies have moved in, filling large voids created in the last decade. The Tulsa Chamber of Commerce states that our oil and gas, aerospace, healthcare, professional services and entertainment industries are strong and that the technology sector is showing substantial, steady growth.

Investing in multi-family, industrial, retail office space or land in the Tulsa and surrounding markets?

Now is the time!

With commercial real estate experiencing a steady growth along with the fact that Tulsa’s economy is in a great position it’s a perfect time to start looking into the option of investing in this lucrative industry. The Chamber of Commerce has taken a proactive approach to recruiting new business to Tulsa and neighboring locales. City-wide development of public venues such as Guthrie Green; Gathering Place and the robust River Parks system; the Rose District revitalization in Broken Arrow; urban renewal in the historic Cherry Street, Pearl District and Brookside neighborhoods are all great selling points used to encourage commercial relocation to our area from other parts of the country.

Two exciting projects in Tulsa

The new BMX bike development just north of downtown.

Two new 200-unit apartment complexes being developed near the ballpark downtown as worker housing, with not as many frills, enabling rent to be kept lower.

So Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

  • Investing in real estate is a good way to diversify your portfolio
  • You receive income from the property
  • You may take interest deductions on your taxes if you have a loan payment on the property
  • You get depreciation, which helps your bottom line/cash flow

Why Choose McGraw Commercial Properties?

McGraw Commercial Properties has brokers who are experts in all areas of the commercial real estate market and a combined over 100 years of experience and know how. Gary Krisman, for instance, specializes in investment properties, office, shopping centers, leased industrial spaces and multi-family complexes.

Gary Krisman knows the right questions to ask to ensure he gets you with the right property. Questions like “What do you want your level of involvement to be?” And, “What are your expectations of return on your investment?” these are just a few of the important things to think about when purchasing an investment property.

Gary will then team up with other McGraw experts who will work with him to find the perfect investment opportunity that fits your criteria. “No one person can be an expert in every field of commercial property,” Gary explains. “McGraw has an expert for each division.” There are plenty of people who need a commercial property for their own personal use and we can help with that too.

McGraw Commercial Properties has grown by more than 100% within the last year and is now easily among Tulsa’s Heavy-Hitter list of Real Estate Companies.

The difference between McGraw and its closest-running competitor in the commercial property field is the culture at McGraw, Gary explains, “At McGraw we work as a team, helping each other make the best possible outcome.”  And with an eighty-year legacy behind it, McGraw commercial agents have the community backing needed to be “in-the-know”, possessing behind-the-scenes information not available to every real estate agent, helping you find the perfect investment property. That is why Gary chose McGraw Commercial Properties, and says, “I could have gone anywhere, but I chose McGraw.”

If you interested in investing in commercial real estate or are in the market for a commercial property take a look at our commercial listings or contact us directly for a customized search at 918-388-9588 today!

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