Are You One of The 14.19%?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau statistics, as of July 1, 2017, the total U.S. population was 325,719,178.  HomeData estimates that an average of 14.19% of the U.S. population moves every year. That may seem like a low percentage, but that is approximately 46,219,551 people relocating each year! Because there are so many Americans, even a small percentage represents a large number of people.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels

When facing a long-distance move, many people try to find a real estate agent by word of mouth, or by searching online for an agent in their destination city – which is NOT the best idea.

Let A Professional Do The Hard Stuff For You!

Jenna Majors, Director of Relocation at McGraw REALTORS explained to us how selecting the right REALTOR® doesn’t have to be hard. “When choosing a real estate agent,” Jenna says, “personality is the most important thing.  You don’t want to get hooked up with an agent that doesn’t match your personality.”

“A lot of people don’t know that we offer this service!”

McGraw REALTORS is one of the founders of Leading RE of the World, whose members consist of independent real estate companies all over the world. These independently owned companies are not franchises, but brokerages whose culture is very similar to ours. Leading RE is a community of over 600 brokers nationwide and represents 65 countries.

By Choosing a Leading RE Realtor, You are Choosing From Over 130,000 Realtors

“We have frequent in-house webinars allowing us to get to know brokers in our region. We also meet face-to-face annually at our national conference, where international agents attend as well,” Jenna tells us. “We all interact, getting to know one another.”

Jenna says she knows that when she contacts a Leading RE broker anywhere in the country, that broker is going to have the same mindset as we do here. This gives her confidence that she can successfully match up a buyer or seller with the best-suited agent, facilitating a warm hand-off. “The only way to do that is by talking to the clients, visiting with them, getting to know them too.”

What You Can Expect From a Leading RE Agent

When you meet with a Leading RE agent you will be asked some simple questions:

  • Where are you moving to?
  • Are you already working with an agent in that area?
  • When are you planning a visit to look at houses?
  • Would you mind if our Director of Relocation contacts you?
  • Would you mind if we contact an agent from our sister Leading RE company in your destination city in your behalf?

A Professional Relocation Expert Helps Relieve Stress of:

  • Finding the right house in the timeframe you have
  • Selling your current home quickly
  • Obtaining loan approval in your destination city
  • Coordinating everything happening at the same time
  • Getting your kids enrolled in a new school
  • Hiring a reputable moving company

Your Transition Can Be Simple

“Don’t just get on a plane, fly to your destination town, rent a car and drive around looking at houses.” Jenna says, “That’s the worst thing you can do!”  Jenna will research the area you are relocating to. She will then contact the appropriate relocation agent who can show you homes based on your own criteria:

  • Where is your job?
  • How long of a commute can you handle?
  • What are your interests?  (i.e. Parks, recreation, type of school, churches, entertainment, restaurants)
  • What size home do you need? Are you downsizing?
  • Do you want to live in a downtown condo?
  • Do you want to live in a bedroom community near the city?
  • Do you desire a walkable lifestyle?
  • Do you prefer living in a gated addition?
  • Are you seeking a senior living community?

All You Have To Do Is Look At Houses!

A professional relocation agent can take away many of your overwhelming issues. The homework has been done for you – even your house choices have been narrowed down considerably, saving you a lot of extra trips. By the time you make your first trip, you already know the agent waiting for you, making your trip enjoyable rather than frustrating and stressful.

Choose A Reputable Company

In the early 60’s, Joe McGraw and Ebby Halliday, the largest broker in the Dallas area, got together to figure out how they could compete with the huge franchises to help people who were relocating all over the country. What started out as just a few independent real estate companies networking, sharing leads, helping each other out, has grown into Leading RE of The World, the largest independent real estate company in the world.

Last year, McGraw REALTORS’ Relocation Department won the Leading RE Multi-million dollar award for outbound referrals – this did not even include incoming ones! McGraw has five offices and over 450 agents in NE Oklahoma.

Jenna Majors has had her license for 13 years. She was attracted to relocation because it is a different realm of business than buying and selling. About working at McGraw, Jenna says, “I can‘t imagine working anywhere else. I love the culture and the atmosphere. Everyone helps each other here. The gratification I get when I make a good match between a client and agent, and then the thanks I receive for my efforts….that is what makes me enjoy coming to work every day!”

by Rosie Gorrell

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