7 Areas Many People Forget to Stage for Their Home’s Sale

Staging a home creates a look that will appeal to the largest number of buyers for your targeted price point. The goal is to create a home that is clean, organized, and welcoming. Potential buyers will first see your home either online or in person, and staging to sell makes all the difference. Your journey to a profitable home sale begins with simple preparations for home staging.

Before You Stage Your Home

Here are some steps to complete before you begin staging your home:

  • Declutter – It’s obvious, yet crucial to declutter your home. From oversized furniture to the multiple magnets on the refrigerator, begin home sale preparation by decluttering closets, kitchen countertops, coffee tables, dressers, desks, and bathroom surface areas.
  • Sparkle – Shine up your windows, doors, mirrors, and countertops. Polish wood cabinets, treat leather furniture with quality leather cleaner, and replace outdated light fixtures.
  • Floors – Have your kitchen grout professionally cleaned. You’ll be amazed at how pristine and new freshly cleaned grout makes your kitchen look. Treat all hardwood floors, and power wash the garage floor to eliminate any oil spills or stains.
  • Walls – Put a fresh coat of a sophisticated neutral colored paint on the walls, and remove personalized pictures from them. A neutral such as Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige creates a pleasant backdrop to just about any room in the house.

7 Staged Areas That Make a Lasting Impression

First impressions last — so go the extra mile to create a pristine first impression, and you’ll be well on your way to a profitable home sale. Here are 7 areas you don’t want to forget for a perfectly staged home.

  1. Curb appeal – Many people drive by a home before scheduling a tour throughout the home. Boost your home’s curb appearance by neatly trimming bushes, keeping the lawn looking great, professionally trimming your trees, edging the lawn meticulously, and creating an inviting porch. 

    Power wash your walkways and driveway. Clean your siding with a garden hose to freshen up the look. Plant blooming flowers and fresh greenery as a welcoming landscape. Reseed lawn where needed. Your front porch is key for a first impression. Stain it as needed, or place a few beautiful plants in containers, and add a delightful chair or bench to your front porch. Make sure the color palette of your front door is pleasing, and add a welcoming wreath in a contrasting color to stage your home with an inviting warmth to it.
  2. Entryway – Update your entryway with a fresh coat of classy neutral-colored paint and a new light fixture. Strategically place brochures in your entryway on a table where they can be easily accessed on a buyer’s way into or out of your home. Highlight your home’s best-selling features with colorful photographs of what people love most about your home. Place some colorful, freshly cut flowers in a simple vase near the brochures, and you’re off to a great start on your home sale staging.
  1. Views – Make sure the eye is easily drawn to highlight the exceptional views out your glistening windows. Clear any potential obstructions out of the way so buyers can see just how special it is to enjoy your home’s interior while natural light teems in through your windows.
  2. Closets – Aim at creating 30% open space in each closet to give a decluttered, spacious look to them. Invest in organizers within your closet space. Buyers typically look inside your closets, so plan on wowing them with neat, orderly closets.
  3. Garage – A staged home sale is a productive home sale because sellers prepare every detail with buyers in mind, and each area of the property is looked at as important. Your garage is part of your house tour, so stage it well. Declutter the floors of your garage, and invest in either cabinets for garage storage, or create simple shelves to neatly line up all your paint cans and garden tools. 

    A pegboard wall makes for an orderly space in which to hang tools. Bikes can be hung from simple hooks on the ceiling, creating less clutter on the garage floor and more space for vehicles. Create the inviting look of order to the garage space. Realize acing the garage staging will give you a leading edge on your home sale.   
  4. Backyard – Look at your back porch and yard as if it were a room in your home. Add shrubs and refreshing greenery to your landscape, repaint the privacy fence if necessary, and create a pet-free look to your backyard. A well-placed swing on your back porch can be an inviting touch, and a hammock hung between two beautiful trees can lend itself to a relaxing vibe to your yard space. Create attractive areas in which to visit with friends with a portable fire pit and a few chairs to surround it.
  5. Freshen up – To freshen your home, open the windows for 15-20 minutes to air it out and refresh your home’s atmosphere. While you’re at it, strategically place some live green plants throughout the house to bring the outdoors in. Place a bowl of fresh lemons on the kitchen counter for a visual punch, and pick up some freshly cut flowers for the entryway or living area.

Schedule a free consultation to see how a McGraw agent can help you stage your home to get the best sale price. And they can help you prepare for the best home showings possible, including short notice home showings.

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