6 Tips to Buying a Lakefront Property

See yourself in your new lakefront home. Imagine looking out your tall windows at the multicolored sunset on the lake as your spouse grills the fish they caught earlier in the day. You gather the glasses of iced tea from your open kitchen and arrange them on the deck that overlooks your private, peaceful lakeshore. A breeze picks up just enough to bring the rhythmic slosh of your private boat dock as it rocks gently beneath the water’s edge. You can hardly wait until nightfall when you sing the young ones to sleep outside in a cozy wooden rocker.

Do you want to own a lakefront property and get away on the weekends? Or, are you looking for a beautiful lakefront home as your primary residence? Have you dreamed about the multitude of benefits of owning a lakefront home, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you concerned about the process of purchasing a lakefront property? You deserve to not only own a beautiful lakefront home but also to enjoy the journey of acquiring your new home.

At McGraw REALTORS®, our agents have the support of 80 years of resources, and we take your desires, timeline, and goals into consideration as we locate and negotiate the very best lakefront home for you.

We understand your dream of owning lakefront property, and we take pride in guiding you in the process of buying the ideal home for you. We walk you through the steps by hearing your dream list of lakefront amenities, exploring viable property options, and discussing various benefits that lakefront home ownership brings you and your family. 

Oklahoma’s miles of beautiful lakeshore

Oklahoma contains sought-after lakefront property on a variety of lakes with miles of beautiful lakeshores and a variety of lakefront home options. Oklahoma lakes offer everything from luxury lakefront homes to simple lakefront cottages. Grand Lake, Lake Eufaula, Keystone Lake, Skiatook Lake, and Lake Texoma are just a few of the picturesque options from which to choose for your ideal lakefront abode.

Consider lakefront life

Are you dreaming of owning a home with an abundance of natural light teeming through the windows and overlooking a beautiful Oklahoma lake? Here are 6 tips to buying a lakefront property.

  1. Define your property’s purpose. Are you dreaming of a quiet primary residence on the lakeshore where the only sound that rivals the breeze is your rocking chair on the wrap-around porch? Or are you looking for more of a weekend getaway to share with your energetic, jet ski-loving young children? Different lakes have different purposes, so clearly define your desires before venturing out on your property pursuit.
  2. Explore not only potential homes but also the lakes they border. Take time to actually get out on the lake adjacent to the home you are considering. It’s the lake’s dynamics and functions that bring what you’re looking for to your new property location. See for yourself if the lake is well stocked with fish. Explore if the lake remains relatively quiet throughout the day or not. Is it known for its tremendous outdoor adventure opportunities including high horse-powered boat engines and jet skis—and is that what you’re looking for? Or, do you prefer primarily the solitude and quiet a secluded lake can offer?
  3. Discover the lakefront’s proximity to necessities. Particularly if you choose to make your lakefront home your primary residence, it’s important to explore details such as the nearest grocery store, restaurants, and hospital. And for convenience’s sake, consider how handily located the lakefront property is to the nearest expressway. Perhaps the property provides the solitude and quiet you are looking for. Just make sure you are additionally aware of the proximity to life’s necessities. It may not make much difference if you only plan to go to the lake occasionally, but if you plan to live there or frequently go to the lake on weekends, you will be glad you did your research on proximity prior to buying your property.
  4. Examine the prospect of home remodeling. If you plan to have lots of company in your lakefront home and need to add onto the existing residence in order to accommodate your needs, check out the area’s zoning prior to purchasing the home so there are no surprises after you buy.
  5. Shop for a loan before looking for a property. When you are in the market for a lakefront property, shop for your loan product before you shop for your lakefront home. Allow ample time to compare loan products and find the best deal for your needs.
  6. Ask detailed questions before buying. Shop for both the ideal lakefront home and ideal lake in which to buy a home. Some questions to ask as you compare options include:
  • Is this lake best suited for my specific desires and needs such as fishing, boating, water skiing, or swimming?
  • How accessible is the lake from the home I am considering?
  • What is the general condition of the lakeshore adjacent to the home I am contemplating buying?
  • Is there a private boat dock on the lakeshore near the home I want to buy? What is the condition of the dock?
  • Is there a boathouse that comes with the lakefront home I’m considering?
  • What is this particular lake like during the different seasons of the year?
  • How quiet, noisy, or busy are summers on this specific lake?
  • What is the condition of the water in the lake?
  • What type of wildlife are generally seen on or near the lake?
  • Does the water’s level typically stay consistent, or does it vary along the shoreline?
  • What type of insurance is required or recommended for the lakefront home I am considering?
  • Does the lakefront home have a homeowner’s association to protect the lake and homeowners? Do they resolve problems that may arise in the lakefront community?
  • Are there local policies or ordinances about noise on the lake?

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