Maria Landaverde | McGraw Realtors


Maria has been a resident of Northeast Oklahoma for over 17 years, and raised her four children in local schools. Maria Landaverde-Lara is also known by Lupita, by many of her friends! Lupita has served as an Interpreter for the Ottawa County courthouse for six years. She also enjoys translating for the Hispanic community with other programs outside the courtroom! She was inspired to pursue her real estate passion from her love of working in her residential/office cleaning business.

Maria, one of the newest members of the McGraw Realtors Grand Lake family, says, "I understand the dedication and perseverance it requires to help my clients. I will ensure that my clients' needs are met in a timely and respectful manner. I am dedicated and motivated to help them achieve their dreams of finding a home.  As a single mother, I understand the sacrifices and energy it takes to find a home. I take personal pride in serving and will use all of my resources to enable my clients to make an informed decision.